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Synonyms for diction

Synonyms for diction

choice of words and the way in which they are used

Synonyms for diction

the articulation of speech regarded from the point of view of its intelligibility to the audience


the manner in which something is expressed in words

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Word choice is also important because of the larger numbers of second language writers entering U.
Further, when asked which method of instruction they preferred for each area of concentration, over half of students surveyed indicated that grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, and sentence structure were effectively addressed by the online software.
Jumbling texts is another way of revealing writers' underlying word choices.
Paige later conceded his word choice was inappropriate.
Even where a bilingual child is more restricted in word choice, this does not affect their syntactic abilities.
Combining an overview of presidential oratory and word choice (and even word creation) with short speechographies of each president, Metcalf shows the changing demands placed on the presidents as speakers and how they lived up to (or not lived up to) them.
sentence construction, word choice, spelling, and punctuation) in documents, such as threatening communications.
I'm thinking of a poem like "Nights and Days of Nineteen-Something" most pointedly, in which the speaker's sexual escapades don't mesh with the word choice and rhyme used to explicate them.
Before you invest too much time and money in website development, you should consider two important issues: word choice and disclaimers.
argument and credibility," conciseness, word choice, syntax, punctuation, grammar, "Electronic Ethos: Computer Revision," and sample documents illustrating "principled organization" (Appendix A), "Argumentation" (Appendix B), and "Revision" (Appendix C).
He understands the primacy of word choice, and has an allergy to cliches.
Voucher advocates know the extent of opposition to their undemocratic goals (30 years of statewide referenda results registering two to one opposition and an August 1996 Gallup poll showing 61 percent to 36 percent opposition), so they are cynically trying to use the poor, our society's indifference to urban problems, and the pleasant sound of the word choice as battering rams to crack open the floodgates of public funding for selective, special interest private schools.
He begins by showing how unlikely it is that Lawrence and Meinertzhagen could have been together in Rafa on that night, and goes on to criticize word choice, style, and verb tenses incompatible with contemporaneous recording ("The sudden change in temporal perspective here, with the past tense verbs 'regarded' and 'resented,' is unnatural, and apparently reveals Meinertzhagen lapsing into his actual 1950s vantage point" [p.
Ready Writers will be able to create longer sentences and experiment with word choice when writing their messages.
They consider how identities are shaped by language and discourse and how language sets up identity as same or different; different languages and dialects and identity; and how to analyze word choice and grammar, visual information, and space and time.