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Synonyms for woodcut

a print made from a woodcut

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engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it

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(6) Orta's Coloquios lacked visuals; however in the supplement to Carolus Clusius' Latin translation of Coloquios--are included woodcuts of four Indian species--banyan, black pepper, betelnut and coconut.
How do you select the images that become the basis for your woodcuts?
However, the original catalogue slips give no details as to whether the dating of this edition is based on, for instance, type or deterioration of woodcuts. In fact, the edition was given a more cautious date of"c.
Trudeau, like the other books, can stand solely on its illustrations without any text at all -- including an excerpt from current prime minister Justin Trudeau's eulogy for his father upon the latter's death in 2000, and a preface by Canadian literature professor George Elliott Clarke, both of which precede Walker's series of black-and-white woodcuts.
Lu reprinted one of Nagase's woodcuts and recommended Nagase's work and Lu also bought the sosaku-hanga enthusiast and printmaker Masahide Asahi's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Techniques of Creative Prints) (see Ota 139).
Walker's own take with woodcuts as he illustrates Carroll's famed story.
Instant expert A PAIR of extremely rare woodcuts by Albrecht Drer, depicting a map of the Northern Sky (below) and another of the Southern Sky, created interest from around the world when they went under the hammer in London last week.
Earlier in the sale, there was much excitement surrounding a pair of rare woodcuts by Albrecht Durer - widely considered the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance.
The exhibit focuses on Bloomsbury artists--Vanessa Bell, Dora Carrington, Roger Fry, and Duncan Grant are the chief figures represented--but ranges widely over a variety of media, including not only many paintings but also drawings and sketches, painted furniture, fabric designs, ceramics, small decorative objects, embroidery, and rugs, as well as woodcuts, book covers, actual books, and a selection of calendars, all accompanied by an apt selection of relevant photographs.
These essays cover both secular as well as religious woodcuts but it's the latter's story which arrests.
There's a wide range of work on offer, from time-honoured techniques through to photography-based digital work, plus an impressive range of styles from traditional landscape - Alan Figgs' woodcuts of West Wales spring to mind - right through to some very modern graphic work.
The first was Czech artist Helena Bocharakova, whose book Childhood: A Cycle of Woodcuts, published in 1932, is acknowledged by printmaker George Walker in the foreword to Back and Forth.
He is like a batsman, the more runs he scores the more he enjoys and the more he enjoys the more he scores so his woodcuts are full of colours.
The five woodcuts have been created by Kenyan artist Peterson Kamwathi, and are showcased in the William Brown Street's World Cultures gallery.
While the earliest examples of woodcuts date to 6th century China, the European tradition dates from c.1400.