vocational education

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training for a specific vocation in industry or agriculture or trade

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As we got older, our time playing and laughing in the wood shop decreased.
Mahoney, who previously worked as a cabinetmaker and wood shop teacher in California, moved the company to Grand Junction in 2008 and now has three employees helping him crank out 2,500 longboards annually.
s LC CNC routers For several years in its wood shop program.
The late John and Karen Rieke created the Wood Shop Toy Store in July of 1974.
I'm [keeping the wood shop tradition going] because I want the program to stay for the kids.
Still, the old wood shop teacher still looks forward to opening the door Monday night to a dozen seniors looking for the skills to make the more creative items on their "honey-do" lists.
On a recent Saturday morning, Galik was working under the helpful eye of wood shop supervisor Don Clark and alongside fellow enthusiastic hammer-and-nail novices Lee and Roger Miller.
McCaffrey, on the other hand, had to be tracked down by reporters--a few did, to their credit--while Horner, whose looks suggest your high school wood shop teacher, appears so unlike the stereotype of a general that most journalists would have walked right past him in the hall.
If you doubt it, visit the wood shop of Dennis Schlicht, a biology teacher in the small Iowa town of Central City.
Students in Joel Noble's woodshop class at East High School (CO) didn't build bird houses in their wood shop classes last year.
The toys were built in a prison wood shop in a prison arts project, and donated to Toys for Tots.
Claim to fame: A retired grocery store manager who spends much of his free time fashioning award-winning wooden models in his backyard wood shop, Stevens has become known across the country for his skill.
This part of the building houses a studio for incoming students, a lecture hall, wood shop, casting room, and a senior studio with movable partition walls that give flexibility for use.
Featured in wood shop news, cabinet maker magazine & recipient of numerous awards.
Her students are too young to know that just a few decades ago, girls were discouraged -- and even prohibited -- from taking wood shop.