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a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic

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Never awful but never hitting peak Allen heights, Wonder Wheel is a strange watch that will wow you one minute and annoy you the next.
In a SPINKATEWINSLET stars as Ginny in Wonder Wheel
From Wonder Wheel , she went right into The Mountain Between Us , directed by Hany Abu Assad and shot in the mountains of Western Canada.
You can view Related searches, the Google Wonder wheel (a 2D visual of related terms), and the quite useful Timeline, which displays search results along an x-axis in chronological order.
The wonder wheel has proved to be a big festive hit with the Teesside public.
A boom in amusement technology, beginning with the Wonder Wheel of 1920 and following on with five big new roller coasters during the decade brought a shift toward the thrill ride over the old dioramas and other performance attractions.
Handpainted signage is a dying art in this country and the decorated surfaces in Coney would have been replaced by new machine-fabricated signs if this crew hadn't called on a diverse cast of artists, making it possible to toss dimes under the work of Toland Grinnell or gaze at a Rita Ackermann mural while riding the Wonder Wheel.
Throughout BtTYFTBYMBD we watch Eliot, femme fatale Justine, and her girlfriend Giselle wallow in their own crapulence: tossing empty beer-bottles off a Manhattan high-rise rooftop, taunting and assaulting freak-show midgets, riding Coney Island's Wonder Wheel on psychoactive drugs, and reveling in posh sex clubs.
Since Verona disappeared, JB quit the Wonder Wheel and started spending all day in the yard.
Actress Kate Winslet, who won the Hollywood Actress Award for her performance in Woody Allen's latest film Wonder Wheel , had a moment with Allison Janney on stage.
ANI Kate Winslet, who will next be seen in Woody Allen's Wonder Wheel, revealed that she is no longer being sent scripts for leading parts in which being"easy on the eye" is required.
Fearing eviction, Coney Island history museum to relocate to spot near the Wonder Wheel after current lease expires [Brooklyn Paper]
According to Great City Attractions (GCA), the operators of the wonder wheel, more than 7,500 people have been for a ride since it opened last Thursday.
Google has introduced a Wonder Wheel option, which displays the search results in a visual circle.
A new street called Wonder Wheel Way would link the Parachute Jump, the Cyclone ride and the Wonder Wheel.