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Synonyms for colored

a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive

having color or a certain color

having skin rich in melanin pigments

favoring one person or side over another

(used of color) artificially produced

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She was a member of the Women of Color in the Academy Project Steering Committee, which sponsored the production of Through My Lens.
For sexually active young women of color, prevention strategies may be most effective when they include HIV education and lessons on sexual "skills" (such as dealing with pressure and exerting self-control) in the context of gender and ethnic pride.
As a whole the social scientific reports provide a great deal of data on women of color that is not easily accessible, though the articles vary somewhat in quality.
National Science Foundation Research shows that women of color (Asian-American, African-American, Latina and American Indian) earn less than 9.
The discussion took place with the participants miles apart, but their voices came together to articulate the landscape for women of color prior to WEEA and the changes women of color experienced with the shift to a focus on equity; they offer some understandings of the challenges that continue to confront women of color's quest for greater equality.
The report, written in partnership with Public Health Solutions, presents new research that women of color in many states disproportionately give birth at hospitals that place religious ideology above best medical practice.
She is very hopeful that Prince Harry and Markle's union will bring positive changes especially for women of color.
We find there is no better time to raise the questions we explore in this special issue regarding women of color and gender equity, given both the recent advancements and the continued challenges women and girls of color face in the United States and transnationally.
Today Black Opal is introducing a new campaign "I Define My Beauty" promoting individual expression and dispelling the myths and stereotypes that have haunted women of color for centuries--from colors they "shouldn't wear to products they shouldn't use," says Brown.
Recently, COV teamed up with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) and the Lesbian Cancer Initiative at NYC's LGBT Community Center as a way to bring cancer resources to women of color, and to provide caregiver support meetings.
of Missouri-Kansas City) introduces the challenges of communication between women of color and white women in academia in particular.
Consequently, there continues to be a lack of attention devoted to studying eating disorder symptoms in racially and ethnically diverse groups despite the fact that prevalence rates among women of color for eating disorder symptoms are similar to those of European American women (Kronenfield, Reba-Harrelson, Von Holle, Reyes, & Bulik, 2010; Taylor, Caldwell, Baser, Faison, & Jackson, 2007).
Johnson Publishing Company has appointed Clarisa Wilson as the new president of Fashion Fair Cosmetics, a global prestige cosmetics brand for women of color.
Women of color, in particular, remain greatly underrepresented in STEM disciplines despite a growing population of racial/ethnic minority groups and a growing number of women and minorities attending college.
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