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No record can been found of a wobbegong giving birth in captivity anywhere else in the world.
Marine expert Mr Paul Ashley, said: "In the wild wobbegongs give birth to 30 pups at a time and, had she stayed where she was, they would almost certainly have been snapped up by the other sharks as soon as they were born."
Answers: Whale shark = 12 people, Wobbegong shark = 2 people, Hammerhead shark = 3 people, Great White shark = 5 people.
The 2 ft long Wobbegong, also known as a carpet shark, was finally persuaded to release its grip when a lifeguard flushed its gills out with fresh water.
They live in a tank of real Caribbean coral reef alongside two lemon sharks, three nurse sharks, one wobbegong shark and around 1,500 Caribbean fish.
The Wobbegong shark sank its razor-sharp teeth into his leg just below the knee and would not let go.
And at the tropical shark tank at Blackpool's Sea Life centre, there are two new sandbar sharks joining nurse sharks, reef sharks and Australia's amazing camouflaged wobbegong sharks.
Luke, 22, was fixed on by the wobbegong shark 300 yards offshore.
Lifeguard Michael Jones flushed the 2ft wobbegong shark's gills with fresh water, forcing it to loosen its grip on Luke's leg, which had 70 needle-like punctures.
The first film reveals their many different hunting methods, from blacktip sharks gathering in huge packs and herding fish into baitballs, to tasselled wobbegongs, which ambush their prey.
Blacktip sharks hunt in huge packs and herd fish into baitballs, tasselled wobbegongs are ambush hunters, Greenland sharks live under the Arctic ice and whitetip reef sharks are the masters of hunting at night.
Redescription of two species of wobbegongs (Chondrichthyes: Orectolobidae) with elevation of Orectolobus halei Whitley 1940 to species level.
They were diving with a range of sharks including Sand Tigers, Lemon sharks, Nurse sharks, Wobbegongs, Bamboo sharks, Southern Stingrays and other species of fish found in the Caribbean.
Wobbegongs are found resting on the sea floor in shallow waters of the indo-Pacific and Red Sea.
Youngsters can enjoy incredibly close underwater encounters with everything from two-metre-long zebra sharks and black and white tip reef sharks to bamboo sharks, wobbegongs and hundreds of brightly-coloured reef species like trigger fish and puffer fish.