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Polish author (1904-1969)


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A quarter of a century later, a young Polish-American academic, George Gasyna, has revisited the subject in his Polish, Hybrid, and Otherwise: Exilic Discourse in Joseph Conrad and Witold Gombrowicz. Strangely enough, Gasyna does not seem to know Kowalska's work, and refers to it only at secondhand in a footnote.
The Post-War generation of British artists grew into maturity without the knowledge of the ways in which the visual and performing arts and literature were interwoven in the work of such European artists as Bruno Schulze, Witold Gombrowicz, Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Stanislaw Wyspianski and Tadeusz Kantor They personify the artist as playwright.
November 3: Play reading--"Ivana, Princess of Burgundia" by Witold Gombrowicz at 20:00 in the Eglise Anglaise
Thirlwell tracks relationships among the language, intuitions, and techniques of Flaubert, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Kafka, Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Laurence Sterne, Witold Gombrowicz, and Saul Bellow, and many others.
The first epigraph to Posnock's book, from Emerson's essays, gives a good indication of this critic's approach: "I ought to go upright and vital, and speak the truth in all ways." The second epigraph, from Witold Gombrowicz, is rather more cryptic and alludes to Posnock's subtitle: "If you are repelled by immaturity, it is because you are immature." Posnock's thesis holds that Roth rejects "the renunciations required by adulthood" (p.
Based on the writings of 20th-century scribe Witold Gombrowicz, Observations recasts everyday events in an unusual light, through a series of character portraits.
Instead of writing another paragraph introducing Schulz and his work before moving to the main argument of the current text, let us read, quoted here in extenso, the literary portrait of Bruno Schulz, sketched by Witold Gombrowicz, the writer who emerged almost at the same time as Schulz, and who, though radically different, was closer to him than any other artist.
Bacacay, by Witold Gombrowicz. Translated by Bill Johnston.
Sebald, Aharon Appelfeld, Witold Gombrowicz, Bruno Schulz, Elias Canneti, Gregor von Rezzori, Andre Aciman, Edward Said, Dan Pagis, and Anton Shammas, the main writers Newton focuses on, belonging and distance make up, albeit in varying configurations, the ever-elusive condition of being.
At the same time, such an unsentimental or even critical attitude to cultures that we can regard as Polanski's own testifies to the director's Polish and Jewish roots, or at least to his closeness to some strands of these cultures, embodied by such figures as Franz Kafka, Susan Sontag, Witold Gombrowicz, (2) and Andrzej Munk.
This past March, on the closing day of an international literary conference held in Krakow, Poland, an elderly woman stood up before hundreds of scholars and admirers gathered to mark the 100th birthday of Witold Gombrowicz and made a plucky confession that produced nervous titters around the regal lecture hall.
Witold Gombrowicz w oczach krytyki niemieckiej [A Patagonian in Berlin.
Peter Hincz Geoff Sobelle Prince Emmanuelle Delpech-Ramey Jon the Ballboy James Sugg Hitler was on the verge of marching into Poland in 1939 when Polish bad-boy Witold Gombrowicz published "Possessed," a gothic horror novel that was the "Night of the Living Dead" of its lime.
y conceptos, al estilo del de Witold Gombrowicz" (49).