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Synonyms for sincerity

Synonyms for sincerity

an earnest and sincere feeling

a quality of naturalness and simplicity

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The wax on the OSB sheet surface prevents glue absorption, while the surface without wax is so rough that the glue area was reduced evidently.
The Samy Fat Hair "0" Calories line at Walgreens comprises a shampoo, a conditioner and three styling products promising to make hair look and feel thicker and fuller without wax or residue buildup.
the Samy professional Fat Hair '0' Calories collection, which she says actually makes hair look and feel thicker and fuller, but without wax, residue or buildup.
In the heyday of the Roman Empire, respected merchants would often tag the marble stabs they sold with the phrase "sine cere" in an attempt to signify that the product was pure and did not contain any wax, which was often used to fill in cracks and impurities Literally, "without wax," sine cere was essentially the first brand in existence and would later serve as tee root for the modern word "sincerely"
For this line, Westmed selected K-Resin SBC grade KR03 without wax. It "provides minimal surface tension to the nebulizer," says Westmed, "optimizing medication output," avoiding "even a drop" of waste.
They will go instead on their gut reaction to how the car looks, so use a highly concentrated car shampoo without wax and clean the car like never before, especially the wheels.
More than any other virtue we look for in people, we value sincerity, which comes from "sine cera," meaning without wax.
The origin (Latin) of sincere: without wax. When, in relaxed valediction, this good man exhibited generosity, honour and dignity worthy of his high public office.