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searching out and harassing dissenters

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From the 1680s onwards, the number of witch-trials heard in English and Welsh courts diminished to a trickle, and the last execution for witchcraft was in 1684.
It is these cases, arising from the act of scratching, which form the bulk of what are effectively witch-trials in reverse.
A general trawl of secondary sources and a brief random sampling of newspapers from England and Wales has revealed over seventy reverse witch-trials from the mid-eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, as well as numerous prosecutions involving cunning-folk.
Most of the rest of the reverse witch-trials resulted from the death or illness of horses, cattle and pigs, from the failure of domestic food processing, or from poor fishing catches.
In Miller's drama about the Salem witch-trials, Satan is not an alienpresence come to tempt or disrupt, but a self-serving fiction made up by children -- and accepted by their self-righteous elders.