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It is vital when choosing a witch-hazel to make sure the graft, visible at the base of the main stem or trunk, has "taken".
Hamamelis, the witch-hazels, on the other hand, have big, round leaves.
The species used for medical purposes is Virginian witch-hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, but two other species and their many varieties are more impressive in gardens.
The product of the cross is a witch-hazel plant that displays hybrid vigor and variance in flower color.
That describes the knockout scent of witch-hazel flowers in the depths of this cold, dark season.
Oasis is meant to give skin a moisturising boost, while Glowing Out contains witch-hazel to temporarily tone and liven up sluggish skin.
AUTUMN |Amaryllis colour and GARDENS as Witch-hazels do not need a rich diet and rather than piling on the fertiliser, a gentle fillip from organic matter is all the stimulus they need.
Witch-hazels do well in shade and if there are clumps of woodlanders such as Solomon''''s seal, smilacina and lily-of-the-valley nearby, they add to the autumnal show as their bold leaves turn to amber.