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a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation

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White beer is an unfiltered, top-fermented style of wheat beer also recognized as biAre Blanche (French) and witbier (Flemish).
It's been brewed by Thornbridge (recipe by Phil Sisson) and is a ''beautifully refreshing and flavourful example in the Belgian witbier style, infused with rose petals".
Back in 1994, when founder Rob Tod introduced his Belgian-inspired flagship brewaa lemony-nutmegy witbier that he dubbed Allagash Whiteait was viewed as a charming curiosity.
Perfect for hot summer festivals, Scattered Sun is a classic Belgian Witbier with a combination of coriander and citrus peel that creates a pleasant tart aroma and orange citrus flavor.
The Belgian-style witbier was first created in 1995 by brewer Keith Villa at the Sandlot Brewery.
A Belgian style white beer (witbier), Einstok Icelandic White Ale (PS13.99, 5.2 per cent abv, 6 x 33cl bottles, Majestic) really hits the spot and strikes the right balance between complexity, flavour and finish with infusions of coriander and orange peel and a zingy, citrusy edge.
Blue Sky wheat, Grand Trunk Pilsner, Norm's Gateway session IPA, Grind Line Pale Ale, Go Figure Black IPA, Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin, Me So Ornery Combative Quad, Wicked With Sour Witbier, El Rojo Red Aie, Ob.Liv.I.Ous Wheat Wine, Cherry Bourbon Stout, Coffee Bourbon Stout, 2014 Flying Buffalo Bourbon Imperial Stout and Flanders Red Rock.
Judges were torn between the Heff for "overall everything" and the unique complexity of the Belgian witbier. Darwin's clean use of tangerine flavors won attention, too.
softness and citrus feel of a Belgian witbier seemed like a nice balance and combination to bridge the depths of January and the desire for warm spring days as we get into March."
This witbier bubbles turgid in the nose, burns peppers
To this end the brewery produces four regular beers -- a red ale, a lager, a witbier (white beer) and a porter -- and one brewmaster's select beer, a Lebanese pale ale.
The first involves infusing local flavours (such as mango wheat beer or jaggery ale served at Doollaly); the second is introducing iconic international brews to local clientele (think, Irish stout or the Belgian witbier served at Lemp Brewpub).
Don't miss: Small-batch specials; coconut shrimp with lemony White Rascal witbier. $; averybrewing.com