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any of the last 4 teeth on each side of the upper and lower jaw

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Just because the wisdom teeth may be unnecessary as a part of your smile, doesn't mean that these teeth are worthless," I was told as I was being prodded.
The reasons to remove wisdom teeth are inadequate space for their eruption.
It found that more than 30 percent of patients reported joint or muscular pain in the jaw in the days, weeks and months after wisdom teeth removal, and about 6 percent reported paresthesia--tingling or pricking--of the lips and tongue.
Our development of large and complex brains, for example, resulted in a narrowing of our mouths which in turn caused the pain of impacted wisdom teeth.
So there is often not enough room for our wisdom teeth to come through.
Having wisdom teeth removed during young adulthood not only improves dental and oral health, but may also reduce the chance of illness later in life, according to research from American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS), surgeons and academics.
his wisdom teeth only pronouncing new words when he is alone and
The event provided a perfect platform to discuss key dental subjects such as teeth and gums, food and teeth, a child's diet, fluoride and children, caring for wisdom teeth, aesthetic dentistry, stress and oral health, as well as first-aid for teeth.
Last weekend, another friend kept wincing because his impacted wisdom teeth are coming in, but he can't afford to have them removed.
Belgium''s chief executive Jean-Marie Philips revealed a fax would be sent to FIFA bosses in Zurich today, urging them to ban Fellaini from club football for the next five days after Fellaini took up a long-standing appointment on Monday to have wisdom teeth removed.
He said: "Over the years playing international rugby I had my wisdom teeth and jaw realigned, my left shoulder and knee reconstructed, a torn Achilles and micro fracture fixed, as well as several dozen physiotherapy sessions.
They worked on broken teeth from falls or from impacts with armoured vehicles or rifle butts, abscesses and wisdom teeth.
But he described getting the council to honour a promise made 14 months ago as "like pulling wisdom teeth with rubber pliers".
The new method, which uses a special protease, can isolate a mesenchymal stem cell from tooth germs of extracted wisdom teeth.
Almost two-thirds of people with four normal wisdom teeth show signs of periodontal disease in their 20s, and in many the periodontal disease is progressive, according to a study discussed at a press briefing sponsored by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.