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There is no man who has pushed harder to send your jobs overseas than Ted Cruz," Trump adviser Stephen Miller told a crowd of Wisconsinites on Saturday.
Of those Wisconsinites who do not have a financial plan, the most commonly cited reasons include:
As Wisconsinites are learning, there's money (and misery) in sand--and if you've got the right kind, an oil company may soon be at your doorstep.
A pronounced tendency found among many non-Scandinavian Wisconsinites is to apply this melodic up and down syllabication pattern to multi-syllable English words, including the proper noun "Wisconsin" itself.
Wisconsinites may be more familiar with Henry Bayfield; one of their northernmost cities is named for him.
Additionally, 18 per cent of Wisconsinites who voted for Walker said they were going to vote for Obama in November.
He successfully turned many unemployed and under-employed Wisconsinites against unions and public employees, and drove a wedge between the 99 percent who should have been standing together.
Half of Coloradans, 44 percent of Virginians and 48 percent of Wisconsinites think the laws should be kept the same.
We're interested in which publications left-leaning Wisconsinites read.
This study investigates how Wisconsinites think about UWMadison through investigations of conversations regularly occurring among 36 groups sampled from 27 communities statewide.
You would think Wisconsinites would be grateful, but only some were.
The recipients of the Wisconsin Financial Literacy Award are helping Wisconsinites of all ages improve their personal finance skills in our schools, in the workplace and in communities across the state," Governor Scott Walker said.
Generations of Wisconsinites learned trades and mastered them in the factories, breweries, mills, foundries and shipyards those capitalists built with their hands.
Jim Doyle (by the narrowest of margins, thanks to partisan arm-twisting; left Wisconsinites in an impossible situation.