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The people of Wisconsin are committed to continuing the work to recall Walker, and we won't stop until we restore justice and equality for all Wisconsinites.
Transforming the world for some Wisconsinites the past few days meant putting up drywall and helping disadvantaged third graders with their reading.
Wisconsinites aren't impressed by well-heeled candidates or expensive campaigns.
It wasn't because of springtime (though sun and high 80s persisted all weekend here) as Iowans and Wisconsinites were talking about snow into May.
But before any Wisconsinites or Wis-brat enthusiasts become offended, let me hasten to add that the " Wisconsin brats" are a distinct variety, and I am not claiming authorship to the orthodox German/Austrian variety.
Every fall, thousands of Wisconsinites hurt their backs raking leaves, cleaning gutters and doing other seasonal yard work.
Thousands of Wisconsinites made today's reversal possible by contacting their elected officials.
We are fortunate to have many women who have started a business and now employ their fellow Wisconsinites.
For months, the host devoted his call-in show to advancing the cause of the demonstrators, interviewing labor leaders, reporting onsite events, and educating and encouraging all Wisconsinites to support the cause.
At its height, the uprising had hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites protesting in the streets and occupying the state capitol; their efforts arguably contributed to inspiring the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Both presenters were very clear about the need for RN involvement in order to increase the number of Wisconsinites participating and making decisions regarding their own advance care plan.
The missing educators--as well as others who reported to work and encouraged students to join their political cause--sparked a furor among Wisconsinites and commentators, many of whom are calling for serious consequences.
So, if someday in the future, 10 years from now, eight years from now, I were to have an opportunity to be considered for a cabinet post--there's a long line of Wisconsinites, by the way, who have worked on Health and Human Services issues.
A 17-percent reduction in sales could result in a Wisconsin job loss of 6,000," Kasten said, noting that the number is "probably low because it does not include the 40,000 Wisconsinites indirectly employed by the wholesale and retail industry.
Pain Awareness Month is intended to get Wisconsinites to recognize the symptoms of pain and get appropriate relief so they don't have to miss work or other activities.