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a member of a North American Indian people living in the Sacramento valley in California

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a Copehan language spoken by the Wintun

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As did the author, the reader must piece together the historical consciousness of Mabel's people and the neighboring groups: Colusa Wintun, Rumsey Wintun, Cortina Wintun, Maidu, Sulphur Bank Pomo, Lower Lake Pomo.
Similarly, although the Wintun Indians of California disregard tense, they tag their verbs with suffixes to specify whether what they're conveying is known by direct experience or hearsay.
If you touch me, they'll track you." She called out in the local Wintun language, then in Sulphur Bank Pomo, and then in Wintun again.
It was winter now, and even though they were only a few miles from the Wintun rancheria across the creek, they did not see other Indians too often.
She knew most of the Wintun people, she had worked with them in the orchards for many years, and, as far as she knew, she had good relations with them.
The only problem was they weren't Wintun. They were Pomo, Potter Valley Pomo from west of Clear Lake.
By now Sarah knew enough Wintun so she could converse easily.
In early October, Marshall McKay, the chairman of the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, announced plans for what will be the California Tribal College.
1994) (concluding that state did not fail to negotiate in good faith by refusing one month after a compact was signed to enter into negotiations regarding an additional casino site); Rumsey Indian Rancheria of Wintun Indians v.
They'll point out mortars pocking exposed bedrock where Maidu and Wintun Indians once ground acorns for food.
But Cache Creek is run by the Rumsey Band of Wintun Indians, who prefer to keep their profits within their community.
In the language of the Wintun Indiansthat once inhabited this region, yo-la bo-li meant "high snow-covered peak.' The South Yolla Bolly Mountains now define the southeast corner of the wilderness, crowned by Mount Linn.