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horizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window


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Wintel refers to a computer based on a Windows operating system and an Intel microprocessor.
The combination of modular serviceability, dynamic manageability, and a WinTel platform create a new class of system and new opportunities for businesses that demand uptime for mission-critical applications."
Insofar as technical computing applications go, George Iwaki, Sun's Marketing Product Manager, Technical Computing, point outs, Sun is "becoming the sole alternative to Wintel"-it is not planning to offer an Itanium-based machine.
Systems that once came in a single package, more or less, now comprise a labyrinth of network, Wintel, Macintosh, and server components.
While Apple's card obviously supports Macintosh, Cisco's is aimed primarily at Wintel PC users.
The 1990s could be characterized as the PC era, in which the Wintel platform emerged as the de facto standard for CAM programming.
For example, Microsoft, whose ownership of Windows permits it to dominate the Wintel web, now accounts for about a third of the market capitalisation of the entire computing industry.
SGI hopes to recapture the visualization workstation market it lost to low-cost, high-performance "Wintel" systems.
If you look at the Wintel platform, it's had a lot to do with the buoyancy of the economy in the last seven or eight years.
Will the videogame and Wintel universes ever compete head-to-head in one home computing marketplace?
Since it seemed impractical to sell and service both Mac and WinTel machines, an analysis of the operation was completed by an outside consultant.
Needham analyst Rajvindra Gill raised his price target on Nvidia to $350 after his investor meeting with its Data Center GM and Director of IR, saying the discussions about the company's AI/ML dominance reminded him of "Wintel" platform during the PC computing era.
EDF SA and its European subsidiaries want to set up new contracts for the supply (in France, in the French overseas departments, in UK, and in Europe) of professional desktop/laptop computers under Windows and hybrid devices under "Wintel" with related services.
For decades, the Wintel alliance was seen a virtuous cycle in which Microsoft delivered new software with additional features, while Intel and AMD kept silicon performance advancing year after year.
branded tablets, smartphones and notebooks that are built on a Wintel platform.