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a member of the Siouan-speaking people formerly living in eastern Wisconsin south of Green Bay

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the Siouan language spoken by the Winnebago

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Winnebago, which has a recreational vehicle manufacturing plant in Junction City, said revenues rose 59 percent, to $1.
The Winnebago Seed Fund was established in 2016 by David Trotter, fund manager, in collaboration with local business leaders to focus on pre-revenue startup companies in Northeastern Wisconsin.
Winnebago Industries President and CEO, Michael Happe, said, 'While Scott has spent many years in the motorized business, he has even more experience on the Towables side of the RV industry.
Should additional information be provided, the board Winnebago and its advisors would review it and give its response in due course.
The acquisition was carried out through a newly formed wholly-owned subsidiary, Winnebago of Indiana LLC, for a total of USD5.
For standard rate taxpayers employed in the private sector, the Winnebago Option is the only option.
The sale consists of 346 new Winnebago Spectrum purchases, 17 Winnebago Spectrum upgrades from previous Winnebago programs, and one upgrade from a competitor's program.
The company plans to keep all current Sagebrush and Winnebago locations.
Winnebago, which occupies 250 acres in Forest City, Iowa, (with 65 acres under roof) is one of the leading motor home manufacturers in the world, employing 3450 people in a town with a population of 4500.
New product developments can make a traditional product catalog obsolete quickly," explained Kathy Van Kirk, Winnebago marketing communications manager.
JUNCTION CITY - The workers at the Winnebago recreational vehicle plant have another high-end home to make starting this fall.
The City clerk Sheryl Bell said apart from the low rent to Winnebago, no city or state enticement was provided.
Auto Business News-October 12, 2011--Winnebago Industries Inc launches new Winnebago Sightseer 30A(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.