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Wingers are players that can still get the mick taken out of them by team-mates - the line about them being an extra touch-judge with muscles still goes around.
I've played against him and feel he is one of the best wingers in the division, so I'm delighted to get him into the club and looking forward to working with him.
He should certainly be on any list of top Boro wingers.
Of course, out-and-out wingers in 2016 don't have the longest careers and are sometimes "moved inside", much like Ronaldo has done.
He said: "This league is crying out for intelligent wingers like him.
THE online dictionary I've just looked at defines the word "mercurial" as "changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic" and if that word is made to be applied to any position on the football field it has to be to a certain type of winger.
Any side with wingers who can play are a winning team as far as I am concerned.
PORTUGAL winger Nani last night revealed he could be set to quit Man United as he insisted he is one of the best players in the world.
WOLVES manager Mick McCarthy says the signing of winger Adam Hammill does not pave the way for sought-after wide man Matt Jarvis to leave the club.
But I went with wingers last year in the Championship and we were not really successful with that.
And at Fulham, last Saturday I saw two right wingers of quality.
I feel the same way about wingers, which is why I'm looking forward to tonight's match.
YM did have their chances, but on a narrow pitch their expansive play frequently ended with the wingers running out of room.