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the cultivation of grapes and grape vines


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Nevertheless, one should always be aware that the widely appreciated vineyards of Tarnave, Alba, Sebes-Apold, Aiud and Lechinta owe their success to the environment and especially to the hard human effort geared towards improving certain environmental factors, which are less suitable for wine growing.
As the country's traditional wine growing regions, including the Barossa, the Hunter Valley and Margaret River grow ever hotter and drier, winemakers are rushing to the cool climate of the tiny island state of Tasmania.
California has a reputation as a leader in the adoption of sustainable wine growing practices.
The catalogue for this sale contains a quite outstanding selection of fine, rare and interesting wines ranging from First Growth Clarets (which will make several hundred pounds each) to more affordable table wines (likely to make just a few pounds each) and from finest Champagne and Port to a selection from just about every wine growing area throughout the world.
Both sides also promised to respect each other's official geographical designations for wine, spirits and aromatised wines, such as Albanian wine growing regions Mirdite, Mat, Tirane and others.
Two radically different views on wine growing and wine culture separate producers of wine of designated origin and the European Commission.
The centrepiece of the event will see novices and experts given the chance to sample wine from each of Germany's 13 wine growing regions and buy their favourites.
This year 30 bodegas and their importers will present around 150 wines from the Spanish wine growing region--in Leeds on September 27 and in Glasgow on September 28.
The winery now owns 580 acres of vineyard land in the Alexander Valley, regarded by many as one of the premiere red wine growing regions of the world, and a total of more than 1,000 acres of Sonoma County as a whole.
Cream Wine Company, the new Illinois distribution company, will specialize in discovering, introducing and selling high-quality, distinctive wines, from artisan wine producers in California, the Pacific Northwest, Australia, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Germany, South America and other emerging wine growing areas.
The Rhine, Highway 3, the train tracks and a medley of hiking and biking trails lead through the rest of the Buendner Rheintal, which makes up the remainder of the Buendner wine growing region: from Zizers, through Trimmis, Chur, Domat/Ems and Felsberg all the way to Bonaduz and Reichenau.
Victoria's position as an internationally renowned wine-growing area has been strengthened by the inclusion of Melbourne in an elite network of Capital Cities of Great Wine Growing Regions.
The CIVB (Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin de Bordeaux) has become one of the first wine growing regions to develop a website for education and promotion, launching the innovative multilingual website at www.
In May 2013 Slovenia's value of purchase in the group fruit and wine growing decreased by 4% due to lower purchase of fruit and vine plants.
One blonde female assistant - specifically chosen for her total lack of experience in wine growing and her potentially amusing accent.