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Synonyms for grape

any of various juicy fruit of the genus Vitis with green or purple skins

any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries

a cluster of small projectiles fired together from a cannon to produce a hail of shot


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Agricultural Research Service chemist Wallace Yokoyama and colleagues have teamed with WholeVine Products, a northern California maker of varietal wine grape flours, to learn more about the potential health benefits of these unusual flours.
California wine grape growers vote again to continue statewide PD/GWSS wine grape assessment, with option to support research and outreach on other wine grape pests and diseases.
The Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers' Annual Meeting, Convention and Trade Show is the premier educational opportunity for the Northwest grape and wine industry.
Production of wine grapes hit a record high in Oregon last year - 41,500 tons, a whopping 33 percent increase over the previous year, according to a report released by the Oregon Wine Board on Monday.
We think that some 800 growers are in immediate financial peril, with up to 1,000 at risk over time," says Mark McKenzie, executive director of the Wine Grape Growers, which represents the country's 7,500 grape farmers.
Growing wine grapes in New Hampshire in large enough quantities to produce a quality wine is just about the hardest thing one can do agriculturally.
SANTA MARIA -- The Central Coast wine grape harvest is running two to three weeks behind, apparently because cooler weather delayed the ripening cycle.
On the heels of a record 2005 California wine grape harvest, an Australian wine glut, high inventories of unsold French wine and big harvests in Chile and Argentina, the nail-biting has just begun for California growers and vintners.
There is a large and accelerating movement within the wine grape industry towards sustainable, organic and even biodynamic agriculture.
The Colombard grape is rarely associated with California, even though it is the state's most widely planted white wine grape.
This fall's harvest of California wine grape appears to be strong, but it will not make up for several years of shortfall, Smiley said.
Since then, self-assessment workbooks have been written for and used by wine grape growers in California, Washington and New York, and by juice grape growers in New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
A lot of wine grape knowledge was lost when Prohibition wiped out Georgias wine industry, and ever since the restart of the Georgia wine industry, vineyard owners have had a steep learning curve as theyve grown their businesses.
Once a thriving wine country, with early settlers supplying Gold Rush communities with spirits and fruit, El Dorado's wine grape industry suffered during Prohibition and from grape phylloxera.
6 among Oregon counties in wine grape production, managing a 3 percent increase in tonnage despite a slight dip in acres harvested - 696 in 2007, compared with 699 in 2006.