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Having fought the removal of their quota and lost, banana growers in the Windward Isles have tried to be proactive.
The error occurred following the Windward Isles Amateur Riders' Handicap, where the 7-2 favourite Monacle was first past the post.
the Windward Isles, the BVI's, Cuba, offshore overnighters to the Dry Tortugas.
The kingdom and its shattered remains became the Windward Isles, a secret and mysterious chain of islands that exists in the modern day world and is now home to the elusive MinoMonsters.
A tea producer from Sri Lanka and a banana farmer from the Windward Isles will be visiting schools and community groups.
The Co-op stock Fairtrade bananas from Equador, Costa Rica and the Windward Isles in all of its 160 outlets across the region.
According to agricultural consultant Promar International, Fairtrade represents around 1% of the UK market, although its suppliers are spread across the Windward Isles, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Ghana.
The appearance of the Harris-trained Petane in the Windward Isles Amateur Riders' Handicap also provides a first mount for Nick Sheridan, who has worked at Pulborough for the last 12 years, firstly for Guy Harwood and more recently for Amanda Perrett.
The Windward Isles, one of the areas biggest banana producers, warned that its farmers might turn to growing drug crops to survive.
Along with other Windward Isles, it became a self-governing member of the West Indies Associates States in free association with Britain in 1967.
Justin King, the Midlands-based chief executive of Sainsbury's, has visited the Windward Isles to meet Fairtrade banana farmers.
Sainsbury has committed to a long-term marketing arrangement with Windward Isles organic banana growers which will initially see around 2,500 boxes a week shipped from Dominica, St Lucia and Grenada from the middle of next year.
Following a reception at Birmingham Botanical Gardens the couple travelled to Grenada and the Windward Isles for their honeymoon.
Windward Isles banana growers are undertaking a major restructuring programme.
The packs form part of a range of 250 health food products aimed exclusively at children and feature Windward Isles bananas, Chilean grapes, Spanish Camerosa strawberries and Israeli cherry tomatoes.