Cote d'Ivoire

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a republic in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea

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His hour commute takes him over the Pali Highway, affording him views of the Windward Coast, and the sharp, sheer cliffs of the Koblau mountains.
Windward Coast is roughly the current country of Ivory Coast.
Overall, Gamble's tribulations and experiences give us a much better idea of life and slavery on the windward coast.
When you're tired of sipping cocktails and eating al fresco, you can hire a jeep to shop in the old Dutch capital Oranjestad and tour the rugged cactus-studded windward coast.
In the stock enhancement program for Pacific threadfin, over 430,000 fingerlings of various sizes were implanted with coded wire tags and released in nursery habitats along the windward coast of Oahu between 1993 and 1998.
As for rice, 61% of the slaves imported into Charleston between 1749 and 1787 came from rice-growing areas of West Africa: Senegambia, Sierra Leone, and the Windward Coast.
The return journey took us along the eastern Windward coast with stops at the replica Japanese temple of Byoda-In and the fascinating national cemetery where offerings, including six-packs of beer, are left next to neat headstones in respect to the dead.
One of the young men, named Cinque, a Mende-speaker from a region near the Windward Coast of West Africa, led the uprising by killing the ship's cook and captain.
008 following Bonferroni table-wide correction) with its percentage cover (ranked) at all but three sites (the eastern leeward site and Hidden Creek at Twin Cays, and the windward coast of Spruce Cay).
Furthermore, the dominant ethnic groups that have comprised what is known as the Gullah language and culture of the Sea Island region have been from the Kongo-Angolan area (the term Gullah is thought to have derived from this latter group) and from the Windward coast.
In spite of congestion, residents can be found fishing from shore at all times of the day and night, especially along the less developed windward coast.
It was a drizzly afternoon, and Kastner was distracted by a double rainbow that had formed at the concrete gateway to the Windward Coast.