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a blind for privacy or to keep out light

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Bead Chains: #10 Stainless steel a) Loop Length: As required to operate full height of window shade b) Limit Stops: Provide upper and lower (round nickel-plated steel ball stops and clear plastic, cylindrical ball stop).
MSA was a builder of custom window shade assemblies for the worldwide corporate, VIP and VVIP aircraft industry with a 28-year history.
Concept's line of motorized window shades come from QMotion and are available a variety of types and colors.
When a window shade insulates, it causes the glass to become colder, which will exacerbate a condensation issue on extremely cold days in homes that have excessive humidity.
Models are ranked separately for predicting the operation of vision window shades and upper daylight zone shades.
Ranking of Single-variable Logistic Models Lower "vision" window shade N = 14 (186 observations) Variable Rank AIC %cor.
Following more than 10 years of focus by the commission, a voluntary industry recall was finally begun in December by manufacturers and major retailers of Roman-style window shades and rollup-style window blinds.
For the kitchen window shades shown at left, Perera splurged on decorator fabric, and the project still cost her only $125.
1 : in a low position <The window shades are down.>
The aircraft will reportedly be the first in general and business aviation with electrically dimmable window shades as standard equipment and only the second aircraft programme to use the technology developed by PPG and Gentex.
Homeowners are tapping into residential market automation systems to control household functions, including lighting, heating and cooling, entertainment equipment, security systems, and even window shades.
Silk flowers purchased from a craft store were hot-glued to trim Maddie's roller window shades.
REIGNING South Wirral League Premier Division Three champions Bebington Ath eroded Window Shades' advantage at the top to two points after putting Runcorn visitors FC Trannie to the sword.
The result helped Mersey Ferries leapfrog Avon into fourth place in the table after Alan Cairns left his calling card with a blistering hat-trick in their 3-2 win at Black Horse With current leaders Window Shades not in action, reigning champions Bebington Athletic seized their opportunity to reduce Shades' lead to five points with a convincing 8-0 defeat of Runcorn Albion.
Using the company's proprietary film technology, Halcyon Shades are pull-down, interior transparent window shades designed to reduce energy costs, eliminate glare, protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays, provide interior fade protection of furnishings, preserve privacy, and maintain an outside view.