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an envelope with a transparent panel that reveals the address on the enclosure

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“EzCheckPrinting now allows customers to customize checks to accommodate window envelopes,” founder Dr.
Well, what if you knew it's a window envelope? Does that affect your reaction?
Instead of writing pointless letters to foreign heads of state, why do our evidently under-employed local representatives not make themselves useful by campaigning for a complete ban on non-recyclable window envelopes and tighter controls on junk mail?
Single window and double window envelopes for these forms are also featured.
Tenders are invited for Window Envelopes for Internet Bankingwindow Envelope.
Like the company's stock of business forms, checks, and other customizable products,'s mailing and window envelopes can also be personalized to feature company logos at no extra cost.
Rather than a tale of two cities, this is a tale of two DM packages from the same city, Boston, both arriving in the mail on the same day, both in white 9 X 12-inch window envelopes, and both soliciting subscriptions to health newsletters.
the state of brandenburg, Represented by the ministry of finance, Represented by the technical tax office (tfa), Intends to commission an external service provider for the supply of window envelopes for machine enveloping as a framework contract as part of a pan-european procurement procedure.
(minus) Every piece came in the same #7.75 window envelopes. To avoid the "Oh, another dun from The New Yorker" reaction, I might have put at least one in a closed face #10.
Four-drawer filing cabinets in grey/coffee and cream - pounds 96.34 A4 80gsm white copy paper - pounds 11.16 (quantity discounts available) A4 80gsm coloured paper - pounds 3.99 per ream A4 100gsm white copier paper - pounds 4.50 per ream Sharp ux 385 plain paper fax machine - pounds 110 3m imation recordable CDs - pounds 1 each 3m imation rewritable CDs - pounds 1.25 each A5 diary from 99p DL white envelopes 90gsm - pounds 11.34 DL white window envelopes 90gsm - pounds 12.72 Epson ink cartridges from pounds 15 Hewlett Packard ink cartridges from pounds 22 Epson printers from pounds 59 Lexmatic mono printers from pounds 50 Hewlett Packard printers from pounds 69 CD re-writers - pounds 80 For further information call Linda Williams or Gareth Roberts at Pentec on 01758-701111.
Contract notice: delivery of 58 million window envelopes c 6/5 and 2 million window envelopes c 4
Both arrived in #10 ivory window envelopes, the one from Business Week headlined,
All are mailed in #7 3/4 window envelopes and, interestingly, even at this point in the series all are still mailed standard rate-even at the "at expire" date.
In addition to wrapped samples, Ragan Communications, among others, mailed a lot of vertical 9x12" window envelopes containing an order form and a sample.
Tenders are invited for E- Tender For One Year Only For Supply Of Software Based Pre Printed Mobile Bill Forms And Window Envelopes In Lucknow Ssa