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Synonyms for windmill

a mill that is powered by the wind

generator that extracts usable energy from winds

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My destination was to investigate and study wind mills projects of Jhimpir which are one if their kind in Pakistan.
If the bidders win the concession, the first wind mills will commence operations in five years, the paper said.
"Wind Mill has the capability to provide just about anything the customer needs," says Mark Radtke, vice president of business development.
"Not only do you have the actual wind mill itself, you have the transmission lines, the roads and the support facilities.
The first wind mill in the private sector will be operative next month, he added.
Pilkington XXX held leaders Leamington to a goalless draw at the new Wind Mill.
Meanwhile, KT's spooling line can wind mill rolls ranging from 54 to 120 inches wide and up to 48 inches in diameter.
"The system works as a typical wind mill, except with a pressure tank system which can be used in drip and micro sprinkler irrigation."
This was stated by the chief executive and managing director of Fauji Fertilizer Company, Lt General (Retd) Malik Arif Hayat, while speaking at a recently held ground breaking ceremony of 50 MW wind mill, a subsidiary of Fauji Fertilizer Company at Jhampir, District Thatta.
The company, however, benefits from its moderate financial risk profile, absence of fixed debt obligations, healthy debt protection metrics and its strong foothold on the wind mill installation and maintenance market.
At present, Cosmo has a wind mill in Yamagata Prefecture, which has been in operation since December 2004.
Demand for it is growing in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries and in the product are interested as well wind mill producers in the Asia-Pacific region, as it is used to produce wind turbine blades, according to Solvay.
So imagine my dismay when I came home in the dark, the wind already howling, to find my son standing in stockinged feet in the middle of the road with what looked like a toy wind mill.
SIR - Planners and councillors are being pilloried for approving wind mill applications, contrary to local wishes, contrary to their own local plans and indeed contrary to all common sense.