wind power

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power derived from the wind (as by windmills)

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--the most constant power output of the wind energy converter possible and
It is for wind energy converters, power supply from the battery, electric motor and other.
During the last decade, there has been heavy growth in both the size and the power of wind energy converters [1, 2].
Among the topics are shrinkage properties of polymer-modified cement mortars, evaluating the hydration of Portland cement modified with polyvinyl alcohol and nano clay, the mechanical behavior and thermal conductivity of mortars with waste plastic particles, polymer-modified mortars for corrosion protection at offshore wind energy converters, the effect of concrete hydrophobation against chloride penetration, and advanced seismic countermeasures for concrete bridges using polymer in Japan.
The assigned ratings factor in the experience of the promoters in the wind energy industry, the healthy demand outlook for wind power in India in the medium term, and sizeable base of Wind Energy Converters (WEC) established by Vensys' (RPPL's technology provider) globally.