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a carpet woven on a Jacquard loom with loops like a Brussels carpet but having the loops cut to form a close velvety pile


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The director wanted an authentic-looking rug to help recreate the 19th century for his latest historical epic starring Daniel Day-Lewis - so he enlisted the help of Kidderminster-based Grosvenor Wilton carpets. The resulting intricate green and gold design can clearly be seen in stills from the critically-acclaimed film, which will be released in the UK next month.
Company's woven wilton carpets are distinctly designed, available only through agent showrooms.
There's thick Wilton carpet and acres of soft leather.
Its 6.75-litre V8 engine is virtually inaudible, but plant your foot in the Wilton carpet and it takes off.
The team at Kidderminster-based Grosvenor Wilton have purchased the specialist narrow wilton carpet operation from Woodward Grosvenor, part of the Brinton group, for an undisclosed sum.
Expensive clocks, a huge fawn Wilton carpet, brand new suits, fur coats and various other expensive items had been stolen, but the safe in the office where Mrs Greeney carried out her money-lending business was untouched.
Wilton carpet, African cherry wood and Connolly hide set the standard for Rover interiors which is maintained to this day.
He was most recently the design manager for Steeles Carpets, an England-based carpet mill known for its traditional Wilton carpet.
Wilton carpet is inspired by Belgian and French handmade techniques using a high-pile density which recreates the quality of eastern carpets.
* Brintons Stripe: A new take on a traditional woven Wilton carpet with an enduring and luxurious finish.
But what Jimmie likes best about his Roadster is its look and feel, with its luxury Wilton carpet, polished wood fittings and old leather.
This has involved re-weaving one of the family's prized possessions ( their Wilton carpet ( which was auctioned when the children were orphaned.
The Mount Vernon Collection, which will debut at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C., in October, will include designs inspired by the well-known Landsdowne portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart and a Wilton carpet based on the one commissioned by Washington for his presidential home in Philadelphia around 1791.
Tai Ping and Carpets International Thailand Public Company are suppliers of handmade carpets, rugs and tapestries, as well as Axminster and Wilton carpet, for high-end residential and commercial applications.