Wilms tumour

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malignant renal tumor of young children characterized by hypertension and blood in the urine and the presence of a palpable mass

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We were shocked and devastated, we had thought after surgery the worst was over," But then the family were dealt a further blow when medics concluded it was not a Wilms tumour but a rarer condition.
A WILMS tumour is a cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children, but rarely affects adults.
Millfield Primary School pupil Mia was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour, a type of kidney cancer, in November 2008.
She has a Wilms tumour which means she has lost a kidney and may need a transplant.
It manifests either at birth or within the first year of life and typically consists of the triad of congenital nephropathy, Wilms tumour and intersex disorder.
The pretty six-year-old is currently in remission from Wilms tumour - a form of kidney cancer - but she has been on an emotional roller-coaster as she battled the disease for more than a year.
Huddersfield fire crews held a Hallowe'en dance to raise cash for three-year-old Sarah-Anne Lee, from Scholes, Holmfirth, who suffers from a form of childhood kidney cancer known as a Wilms tumour.
Katrina's cancer, a Wilms tumour, was first diagnosed when she was 16 and it returned two years ago when ITV were filming Airline.
Tillie was diagnosed with Wilms tumour, a cancer of the kidney, in December, after going to hospital with what her parents Rachel and Jason initially thought was a water infection.
She had been battling a rare from of kidney cancer called Wilms tumour.
4,5] The National Wilms Tumour Study showed survival increased with age in patients with rhabdoid tumours, but this 30% 1-year survival has not improved since 1993.
WAGR- (Wilms tumour, aniridia, genitourinary abnormalities and mental retardation), * Denys-Drash syndrome (DDS)--mesangial sclerosis, male pseudohermaphrodism and Wilms tumour
At the age of two, Leah-Beth was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour, which affects just 70 children a year in Britain.
But Wilms tumour is the most common type to be diagnosed.
Lewis's cancer, called a Wilms Tumour, only affects about 70 children in the UK every year.