Wilms tumour

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malignant renal tumor of young children characterized by hypertension and blood in the urine and the presence of a palpable mass

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Position paper: Rationale for the treatment of Wilms tumour in the UMBRELLA SIOP-RTSG 2016 protocol.
New definitions of focal and diffuse anaplasia in Wilms tumour: the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) experience.
"Doctors told me it was like a ticking time bomb that could have been lying dormant from birth and with a Wilms tumour they can never tell how
However, with Wilms tumours, there is always a chance the cancer can return, so Sophie will be watched closely for five years and then undergo lifelong checks.
We were shocked and devastated, we had thought after surgery the worst was over," But then the family were dealt a further blow when medics concluded it was not a Wilms tumour but a rarer condition.
Its aims are to raise awareness of Wilms tumour, to help fund clinical research into the cancer and support families affected by it.
Little George was just nine months old when he was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour in his kidney, something only 70 children a year develop in the UK.
Within a week she had been diagnosed with a Wilms Tumour, a kidney cancer associated with children under five.
Childhood malignancies found were leukaemia (60.3 Percent) lymphomas (11.3 Percent), bone tumours (4.3 Percent), brain tumours (2.8 Percent), germ cell tumours (3.5 Percent), retinoblastoma (7.1 Percent), neuroblastoma (3.5 Percent), Wilms tumour (2.8 Percent), rhabdomyosarcoma (2.1 Percent), hepatoblastoma (1.4 Percent) and synovial sarcoma(0.7 Percent).Mean age at diagnosis was 5.4 +- 3.05 years.
Leah-Beth Richards, from Beddau, Pontypridd, died on Sunday from Wilms Tumour - a rare kidney cancer.
Millfield Primary School pupil Mia was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour, a type of kidney cancer, in November 2008.
Wilms tumour and multicystic dysplastic kidney disease.
It manifests either at birth or within the first year of life and typically consists of the triad of congenital nephropathy, Wilms tumour and intersex disorder.
The pretty six-year-old is currently in remission from Wilms tumour - a form of kidney cancer - but she has been on an emotional roller-coaster as she battled the disease for more than a year.