Wilms tumour

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malignant renal tumor of young children characterized by hypertension and blood in the urine and the presence of a palpable mass

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It was then that their world fell apart when she was diagnosed with a stage 3 intermediate risk Wilms tumour in the right kidney in April 2009 which she received treatment for.
A WILMS tumour is a cancer of the kidneys that typically occurs in children, but rarely affects adults.
It manifests either at birth or within the first year of life and typically consists of the triad of congenital nephropathy, Wilms tumour and intersex disorder.
The pretty six-year-old is currently in remission from Wilms tumour - a form of kidney cancer - but she has been on an emotional roller-coaster as she battled the disease for more than a year.
Huddersfield fire crews held a Hallowe'en dance to raise cash for three-year-old Sarah-Anne Lee, from Scholes, Holmfirth, who suffers from a form of childhood kidney cancer known as a Wilms tumour.
Katrina's cancer, a Wilms tumour, was first diagnosed when she was 16 and it returned two years ago when ITV were filming Airline.
Bethany's Wish was set up by Coventry parents Alberto and Angela Polanco, who lost their little girl Bethany to a rare type of kidney cancer called Wilms tumour when she was eight after a four-year battle to beat the disease.
After gruelling courses of chemotherapy, operations and radiotherapy for his Wilms Tumour - a condition only 70 children develop in the UK every year - the Hemlington tot was given all-clear in December 2011, eight months after the start of the family's ordeal.
4,5] The National Wilms Tumour Study showed survival increased with age in patients with rhabdoid tumours, but this 30% 1-year survival has not improved since 1993.
Then we were being told what a Wilms tumour was, and that she needed surgery.
Emily, a Year 4 pupil at Knop Law Primary School, was just two-and-a-half when she was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour - a type of kidney cancer.
Leah-Beth Richards, 13, from Beddau, Pontypridd, died on Sunday from Wilms Tumour - a rare kidney cancer.
Millfield Primary School pupil Mia was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour, a type of kidney cancer, in November 2008.
Chloe's mother Debra said, 'In 2004 our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour on her right kidney, which had spread covering much of the right side of Chloe's body.
Scholes toddler Sarah suffers from a Wilms tumour, which is a form of childhood kidney cancer.