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Scottish insurgent who led the resistance to Edward I


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We're not sure if any other Wallaces have been married at the monument but it's highly unlikely that a William Wallace has been married there - and certainly not by a celebrant sharing the same surname.
During our first trip to Scotland, my wife Lisa and I also found ourselves on the whisky trail, lost in the legends of such heroes as Rob Roy and Sir William Wallace (glorified in Braveheart), exploring such castles as Eileen Donan with the jagged Cuillin Mountains on the Isle of Skye in the distance, and celebrating the summer solstice under the Standing Stones of Calanais on the outer Hebrides Islands.
Beginning in 2001, the Mineralogical Association of Canada initiated the William Wallace Pinch gold medal award.
Anyone who has seen the movie Braveheart and wants to learn more about the hero will find that Chapter X is devoted to William Wallace.
Confirmation that Saddam's regime probably did not possess WMDs came from Lieutenant General William Wallace, commander of the U.
There was a rebellious air to one of the most gruelling endurance events in the world - the annual Tough Guy challenge held near Wolverhampton yesterday - as some of the 5000 contestants wore kilts in honour of Braveheart William Wallace.
What do Icarus, William Wallace Gibson, Katherine Stinson, and Orville
Third Edition, edited by Helen Wallace and William Wallace.
Major inroads into the myth of Michelangelo have, of course, been made by such scholars as Paul Barolsky, David Summers, Katherine Weil-Garris Brandt, and William Wallace.
So when we heard tales about the starring role of ethnicity-jokester Ted Danson in a film called Loch Ness, and about the umpteenth remake of Rob Roy, the "Highland rogue," and when Mel Gibson described Braveheart's 13th-century freedom-fighter William Wallace as "a really straight-ahead dude," the cringe index shot up as swiftly as the Scottish Tourist Board got hard.
Author of the Scottish historical romance The Acts and Deeds of the Illustrious and Valiant Champion Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie, which is preserved in a manuscript dated 1488.
A PS150,000 statue of William Wallace and fellow army commander Andrew de Moray could be unveiled in Stirling next year.
MOVIE star Russell Crowe has turned down the chance to take over from Mel Gibson as 'Braveheart' rebel William Wallace.