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English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)

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Still, Thorpe seems not to have obtained Shakespeare's authorization to publish the Sonnets (and A Lover's Complaint) in 1609, and the ascription on the title heading of that poem to "William Shake-speare" certainly could have been Thorpe's doing.
Not until the end of the sixteenth century--well into the Shakespeare playwright's supposed career and bordering on his "retirement"--did any plays begin to appear in print under the name of "William Shake-speare." Even then, several of them (such as The London Prodigal and A Yorkshire Tragedy) were clearly misidentified by their publishers.
By contrast, no one ever dedicated a thing to anyone named William Shake-speare.
"William Shake-speare" is a name that might have been adopted by almost any writer who desired to conceal his title, office, or baptismal name yet wished to assert his identity as a playwright.
One of these, by a poet identified only by the initials "I.M.," makes the assumption--which was made by everyone in the period--that "Master William Shake-speare"(*) was both an actor and the author of the works.