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United States writer of plays and short stories (1908-1981)


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But above all there is William Saroyan: "the most famous Armenian of all time," as his son Aram wrote in his astoundingly bitter memoir Last Rites.
Carol Matthau, actor and wife of William Saroyan and Walter Matthau
The film recounts the life of the Armenian writer-dramatist William Saroyan.
I was first inspired to write by an American Armenian short story writer called William Saroyan. He wrote offbeat stories, some funny, some sad.
International Film Festival for transfer of the screen rights to novels by William Saroyan. To recall, Parallel Film Productions and film
Adams is a past Reva Shiner Award winner, a two-time winner of the OC Weekly's best original play award, a finalist for the Christopher Brian Wolk Award, a finalist for the William Saroyan Prize and a New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee.
Leo Tolstoy, Alfred Jarry, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Aldous Huxley, Bruno Schulz, Lu Xun, Simone de Beauvoir, Samuel Beckett, Naguib Mahfouz, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Henry Miller, Edward Gorey, Astrid Lindgren, William Saroyan, R.
He creates spec scripts for legendary director Lewis Milestone and lunches with William Saroyan (near the end of his life when Yoram encounters him, and a Dostoevskian shipwreck of a man).
Cepeda's first short stories, "Intimismo" and "Vamos a matar a los gaticos," were published in Cronica, along with an assortment of original translations of Faulkner, Hemingway, and William Saroyan, North American authors whom he revered for their narrative innovation, and whose legends he would chase after throughout his journeys in the States.
(1944), to sentimental novels including The Human Comedy (1943), William Saroyan's tale about a California family during wartime.
I am a romantic democrat, raised on William Saroyan and Pete Seeger and Preston Sturges, and we have faith in the decency of the little guy, and we believe you can depend on the kindness of strangers.
Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Agatha Christie, William Saroyan, and J.D.
Summary: In William Saroyan's Depression-era drama "The Time of Your Life," there is a laconic character called "The Arab" who keeps muttering the play's signature line: "No foundation.