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The defendants face charges of killing demonstrators during the events of the revolution on January 25, profiteering, willful damage to public finances, and exporting gas to Israel.
If she sees Nazi slogans anywhere, she should call us to take care of it, not spray over it herself - that's willful damage of property," said police spokesman Michael Merkle.
Bruised Head pleaded guilty to a long list of charges, including assaulting police, willful damage, traveling without paying a fare and bribery.
Parents will have to compensate the company for any willful damage caused or sustained by the bus or other travellers," added the manager.
Of course, there would be the spectacle of Liverpool City Council suing itself by forcing Iliad to repair willful damage after ludicrously sanctioning demolition as a special consent in a conservation area in the first place.
Two men have appeared at Cairns Magistrates' Court charged with willful damage, intent to cause grievous bodily harm, armed robbery and other weapons-related offences.
Police said the man may face charges of criminal damage and willful damage with a maximum penalty of two years in jail.