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Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)


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Shortly after Einstein published his general relativity theory, the Dutch physicist, Willem de Sitter, solved the general relativity equations without Einstein's cosmological constant to describe what appeared to be a static unchanging universe.
We can display the intriguing model discovered in 1917 by the Dutch astronomer Willem de Sitter by running the program with any choice of [H.sub.0], [[Omega].sub.0] = 0, and [[Omega].sub.[Lambda]] = 1.
A Dutch astronomer, Willem de Sitter (1872-1934), however, was content to travel wherever Einstein's equations took him.
Cautioning his colleagues not to go overboard in their enthusiasm, Peebles recalled the words of a cosmologist of an earlier era, Willem de Sitter, who admonished in 1931 that "it should not be forgotten that all this talk about the universe involves a tremendous extrapolation, which is a very dangerous operation."
Basing his theorizing on equations that were part of Einstein's general theory of relativity, Willem de Sitter claimed in 1917 that the Universe was expanding.