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large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail

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[bar] DISCOVERY: Oxfam Books volunteer Heather Brooker with the valuable artwork she has restored - the painting, Blue Wildebeeste, is the work of South African artist and anti-apartheid activist Hilda Bernstein, inset
And that is something he is keen to revel in, ``I'm now not scared of doing characters who don't appear to do very much, '' he says, ``In the past, the demand was for bigger characters, from `OK' to `Well, Crucial' and Theophilus P Wildebeeste. They all said big things and performed big stunts.
This vast land is where the magnificent Mt Kilimanjaro rears its snowy head, where an almost pristine Garden of Eden is encompassed within the Ngorogoro Crater, where vast herds of buffalo and wildebeeste roam the unchartered tracts of the Serengeti and where man is said to have first walked the earth.
Those creatures are, of course, usually splendid, noble beasts, fearsome, strong and athletic, oozing leonine menace and power, fed on a healthy diet of wildebeeste and zebra.
In the second week look out for The Pandora Effects and Frozen Sea, a double bill of monologues by Gary Carter, whose bittersweet shows Anger is Not a Place I like to Be and The Wildebeeste Lounge have been highlights of past festivals (Birmingham Rep, May 25/26, 7.45pm), and Maria Carnesky's Magic War, a show on the fascinating subject of illusion in warfare (Warwick Arts Centre, May 29/30, 7.45pm).
It wasn't long before he got The Lenny Henry Show and gave us characters like Theophilus P Wildebeeste.
``In the past, the demand was for bigger characters, from OK to Well Crucial and Theophilus P Wildebeeste. They all said big things and performed big stunts.
THE club with a couple of white elephants on its shirts has witnessed a pair of wounded wildebeeste (Messrs Kenwright and Gregg) going skull to skull over the past month, much to the dismay of fans.
The rim of the collapsed volcano in Tanzania is 7,800ft above sea level while 1,800ft below is the crater floor, nine miles wide and home to 14,000 wildebeeste, 5,000 zebras, lions, rhinos and elephants - as well as Masai tribesmen grazing their cattle.
He landed his own programme The Lenny Henry Show in 1984 and thrilled viewers with character such as Trevor McDoughnut and "sex god" singer Theophilus P Wildebeeste. A massively successful one-man tour followed and in 1986 he launched his second TV show Lenny Henry Tonight.
2 Theophilus P Wildebeeste was the creation of whom?
Older followers will revel in the likes of The Vegan's Hatred Of Fish and the uncontrollably bizarre Wildebeeste and if more recent converts are tempted to explore the delights of Friedliness and the George Martin-produced Man In The Bowler Hat this comeback LP will have more than served its purpose.
On our way there, barely half an hour from the sky-scrapers, we counted a cheetah, a wildebeeste, two ostriches and a baboon.
Backroom staff poured from the dugouts desperately trying to haul maddened players from an incredible scrum that churned the pitch as if wildebeeste had stampeded.
Celine may have the lungpower of a wildebeeste, but it's completely ill suited to this mediocre Middle Eastern R&B groove.