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a strike undertaken by workers without approval from the officials of their union

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A total of 857 wildcat strikes were recorded in the first 11 months of 2011, double the figure for all of 2010, according to statistics from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.
Everyone is talking about strike action and wildcat strikes seem to be the only option left open to us.
A DISPUTE over jobs at an oil refinery escalated yesterday when thousands of workers took wildcat strike action and sacked construction employees burned their dismissal notices in an act of defiance against French oil giant Total.
HUNDREDS of construction workers who walked out on the site of a pounds 250m Teesside development may continue their wildcat strike on Monday.
WILDCAT strikes by specialist contract workers spread to South Wales last night as a dispute over jobs remained deadlocked.
Summary: Workers are staging wildcat strikes at an oil refinery that was earlier at the centre of a "British jobs for British workers" walkout.
Wildcat strikes, foreign labour, negative equity, no credit, worthless savings.
WILDCAT strikes by power workers escalated last night as unions claimed 2500 have joined the action in Scotland.
A BITTER dispute over the use of foreign workers on a multimillion-pound construction project spread to several other sites yesterday when police were called to a series of wildcat strikes.
The airline said Monday that it could be profitable in 2006 but that it has not yet fully evaluated the effect of January's wildcat strikes.
According to union leaders, favourable talks would allow them to ask for the wildcat strikes to be eased, Reuters reported.
The Tussauds Group, which owns the Staffordshire theme park, has offered an open invitation to anyone whose flight was cancelled because of the wildcat strikes.
Its market share tumbled to a record low 17% as passengers stopped flying for fear of being left stranded by wildcat strikes.
Complaints alleging contempt of court for defying the judge's earlier order prohibiting the wildcat strikes are expected to be filed against the deputies Friday.
They also did little to suppress wildcat strikes of white firemen and others who aggressively sought total bans on black hires.