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Synonyms for boar

Old World wild swine having a narrow body and prominent tusks from which most domestic swine come

an uncastrated male hog

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I remember the out-thrust of his protruding underlip as he glared down at the wild pigs. He snarled something like a dog, and I remember that his eye-teeth were large, like fangs, and that they impressed me tremendously.
And because of this I take it that the wild pigs did not get us, that we never fetched bottom; else I should not be here now, a thousand centuries after, to remember the event.
This nocturnal troublemaker in mountainous northern Sicily is the "cinghiale," the wild pig, a bane to those who tend a garden.
Samples were limited within a drainage basin (i.e., an individual cove delineated by ridges on both sides) to the first three seeps encountered to reduce potential bias of location on wild pig effects and to increase the number of drainages sampled.
The skull of the Zovawk was dolichocephalic according to the cephalic index as reported in chital (Kumawat et al.), blackbuck (Choudhary & Singh, 2016a) and Indian wild pig (Choudhary et al., 2017); however, it was brachycephalic in tiger (Joshi, 2004) and mesaticephalic in dog (Miller et al., 1964).
There is little empirical information on wild pig activity and the effectiveness of pig control measures in agricultural fields and ranches in California, so we are participating in a collaborative project studying wild pig ecology and potential pig-related agricultural damages at Tejon Ranch (fig.
But a chance meeting with a wild pig changes everything, and Piggy finds out what lies outside the four walls, beyond the fence.
The amendment says death and injury caused by poisonous snake, shark, stone fish, whale, stingray and wild pig will be struck off the compensation list.
Although there are estimates of reproductive rates and litter sizes for wild pig populations across much of their worldwide distribution, these rates vary (reviewed by Comer and Mayer, 2009).
Wild pig tracks are broader and blunter than deer tracks, and trails worn into hillsides tend to go straight up and over the hill rather than up it at an angle like a typical deer or elk trail.
Provincial Military Police raided his stall and confiscated more than 76 kilograms of wildlife, both dead and alive, including 45 kilograms of wild pig, 15 kilograms of live turtles and 16 kilograms of live monitor lizards, according to the Forestry Administration's report and provincial Prosecutor Kim Hongsan.
JENIN, May 6, 2017 (WAFA) -- A wild pig attacked on Friday night a 10-year-old child in the town of Yamoun, west of Jenin, causing her injury in her hand, according to local sources.
We meet the capuchin monkeys of Costa Rica, who team up to pose as two-headed monsters to scare possible threats away, the rare wild pig which nibbles zoologist Lucy Cooke's bum, and the last male White Northern rhino on Earth, who has an almost heartbreaking relationship with keeper Zach.
Russian photographer Julia Sundukova, who captured the images in Borneo, said: "This mother was brave enough to show the wild pig that she was ready to hurt it, if necessary, to protect her baby - I found very that touching."