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a spectacular show organized in 1883 by William F. Cody that featured horseback riding and marksmanship on a large scale

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Tickets for Wild West Show are all pounds 11 , pounds 32 family of four, pounds 24 family of three and are available from the Playhouse on (0191) 252 3505 or at the theatre before each show.
His Wild West Show was conceived in the 1880s and used cowboys, native American Indians and animals to present a stylised version of life in the west.
The book, due out next year, reveals that Buffalo Bill visited Ibrox and socialised with the Rangers team, ignoring a similar opportunity to see Celtic, despite the fact his Wild West Show was encamped only yards from Parkhead.
For many, the National Western highlights are the special ticketed events like Wild West Show (January 15-16), the Mexican rodeos (January 8-9), and An Evening of Dancing Horses (January 19-20).
The performers in the Wild West Show keep a schedule which resembles that of a professional athlete.
Standing Bear was a successful lecturer, part of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (1898), and a movie actor.
You might expect to find peg-legged pirates and buried treasure at sea, but on May 29th the Wyatt Earp Gunfighter's Wild West Show and singer, actress, songwriter, Krystal Gillette will headline SeaEscape's special "Wild West at Sea.
In December of 1925, a substantial group of Oglala Lakotas from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota came to England with Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch Wild West Show and performed in Bertram Mills' Christmas Circus at Olympia, London.
The Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch Real Wild West show ran from 1906 to 1931, outlasting the famous Buffalo Bill's Wild West show by more than a decade.
Sir - When on earth are we going to stop the Wild West show going on at Basra airport?
Zippo Circus is coming to Cardiff with its Wild West show.
The Wild West show includes The Mohicans' acrobatic troupe, High Chaparral horses, presented by seven-year-old cowgirl Little Miss Kristina Roberts and her father Tom, and whip-cracking, rope-spinning western antics from the Faltiny Trio.
MORE than 101 years ago, Annie Oakley was not present when Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show played Parliament Road, Middlesbrough, but she is here in spirit and in great form at Middlesbrough Theatre.
Members of the Lakota and Oglala Sioux tribes, plus horses, buffalo, mules, donkeys, elk and deer, travelled to Britain in 1887 as part of Buffalo Bill's wild west show.
It will include livestock displays, a horseback Wild West show and rides, adding to a carnival atmosphere.