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a spectacular show organized in 1883 by William F. Cody that featured horseback riding and marksmanship on a large scale

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The highlights of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show were a mock battle between Buffalo Bill and chief Yellow Hand, and the staging of the attack on the Deadwood mail coach.
At the turn of the twentieth century, few Americans were more famous than Buffalo Bill Cody, and his Wild West shows played to huge crowds.
The men in these photos do not appear to be dancing at a Wild West Show grandstand, but rather at a traditional dance arena with arbor.
One of the most exciting moments of his youth came on July 16,1898, when the legendary showman William "Buffalo Bill" Cody came to Saginaw with his Wild West Show.
Native Americans who performed in Wild West shows have long interested scholars.
Typically a two- to three-hour extravaganza, a Wild West show performance included displays of horsemanship and marksmanship, western vignettes that depicted frontier life and the heroic deeds of cowboys and settlers, Indian-themed vignettes that presented their culture and customs (e.
Buffalo Bill Cody brought his Wild West Show to Britain three times.
of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) takes the unique approach of presenting his material as a wild west show, explaining how the shows (and exhibits, art and other materials) began as crude displays of Native Americans to become elaborate, idealized, and, above all, profitable.
Its most romantically adventurous tale concerns Simpson's great great grandmother who left her husband, to join the Wild West Show fronted by her new love - American sharpshooting cowboy Samuel Cody.
If Joy Kasson exposed Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show as a nationalist narrative of expansion, McNenly, in turn, reveals how Native performers transformed their role as actors from exotic savage to worthy adversary.
1860: Annie Oakley, the markswoman who starred in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, was born.
The Festival Fun Day yesterday came complete with a real cowboy flavour courtesy of leading Wild West show, Martell's Raiders.
Canada is to have a home made wild west show as well as the United States.
Oakley became famous for her marksmanship while travelling in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
The 200-piece Buffalo Bill Wild West Show exhibition opens on October 22, 2011.