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(trademark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts


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The Wiffle ball stuff has been a real moniker for me, and I tell my 22-year-old son about how you never know how things will come out, but so many things came out of that Wiffle ball experience," Hull said.
As my sons reached Wiffle ball age, our neighbors here in Eugene were amazingly kind about returning foul balls and home runs.
They have used wood pallets, unwanted driving range mats and old paint cans to transform an unused woodland space near the Dighty Burn, off Pitkerro Road, into a nine-hole wiffle golf course.
When Bill played Wiffle ball with his cousins, his teammates stood behind the backstop because after he swung at the ball, he threw the bat.
In addition to the spots I visited, backyard activities like Wiffle ball and backwoods varieties like hiking can figure into the suburban urban experience.
I'll skip the skates, horns, the tutu, and wiffle bats.
On his downtime, Adam was spotted holding hands with Behati, and also playing wiffle ball with his roommate, writer/actor/producer Gene Hong (also pictured at the Mustard Seed Cafe lunch).
Participants use handheld scoops to propel Wiffle [R] balls at a scoring target.
Final Challenge: With an optional fourth motor, combine the experiences from the previous challenges to create a robot that can dive under the water, pick up objects such as wiffle balis, and transport them to submerged bins of various sizes.
Inked Wiffle balls leave weaving trails of textures.
We do have golf clubs and Wiffle balls in the office to take out daily frustrations.
I have a cousin that's gay and I remember when she picked me up in her car, when we first hung out as adults, and I was, like, Oh my god, I have a football in my trunk, I have a basketball in my trunk and a wiffle ball--just like you.
While our boys, all three of them, are willing to indulge dear old dad in a little spirited play--whether it be hockey (the driveway variety), basketball (I put up the net myself), football (as long as I'm QB), or baseball (usually Wiffle Ball, but I do hit fungoes and throw BP at the park)--when it comes time to hit the fairway or the driving range, we usually seek out our daughter, a tenacious and feisty midfielder who doubles as a determined cross country runner to stay in shape for soccer.
Because you can hear the wiffle ball moving through air.