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United States mathematician and founder of cybernetics (1894-1964)

a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked

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Kline pithily summarizes their disjunctive approaches: "While Shannon encoded signals to transmit them efficiently in the presence of noise, Wiener filtered signals from noise to predict the future states of signals.
Brosche, Wiener Werkstatte, Entwurf: 1908 Silber, Gold, Schmucksteine, 5,3 x 5,5 cm / Brooch, Wiener Werkstatte, design: 1908, silver, gold, gemstones, 5.
Wiener joins BNY Mellon from Oliver Wyman Group, where he was senior partner and leader of the North American public policy practice and a member of the firm's management committee.
Those are the cardinal rules at Olneyville New York System, arguably the best-known Rhode Island spot for one of the state's signature dishes: hot wieners.
I wanted to explore the details of what it was like to be so close to Eichmann, who was responsible for this unimaginable horror perpetrated on millions--including members of Malkin's own family," says Wiener.
The agreement sealing the cooperation was signed by Ivan Steriev, CEO of the MSE, and Michael Buhl and Heinrich Schaller, management board members of Wiener Borse and CEE Stock Exchange Group (CEESAG) of which the Vienna exchange is a member.
Speaking at a reception hosted in Istanbul to mark July 4, the 234th anniversary of the Independence Day of the United States, Wiener said she would be leaving Istanbul at the end of July as her term in office expired.
Wiener Staedtische will sell initially 5% in Porr, Geyer said.
Robert Brophy traces the "first introduction many of us had to Leigh Wiener and his work" to Ann Ridgeway's The Selected Letters of Robinson Jeffers (1968), describing it as "a wondrous experience, thirty photos of portraits and landscapes with a unique style and authoritative focus.
Schaller and Buhl will preside over both Wiener Boerse and CEESEG, while the latter will have also a supervisory board with the participation of the CEOs of the exchanges of Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague.
The exhibition called Wiener Werksttte, Design in Vienna 1903-1932 can be seen at the Dorman Museum and brings together more than 150 objects related to the Wiener Werksttte or Vienna Workshop.
SAN FRANCISCO | You might say that Justin Wiener is an accidental gardener.
Joshua Michael Wiener nearly killed the victim - a 38-year-old acquaintance - after a verbal dispute escalated.
Madoff's sister Sondra Wiener, 74, is left with "nothing", revealed a neighbor in the BallenIsles Country Club, a gated Palm Beach enclave where Wiener and her husband, Marvin, live alongside such celebrities as Serena and Venus Williams.