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(European mythology) a supernatural smith and king of the elves

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They arrived in a large circular space surrounded by screens, showing archival video of his Bayreuth productions and grainy historical interviews with singers, colleagues and Wieland himself.
Martin Wieland will be beneficial for engineers in discharge of their duties.
It is written from the perspective of a convicted felon, James Wieland, to offer help for other convicted felons and their friends and family.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Wieland ranks among the country's 100 largest homebuilders and is a leading builder of luxury homes in Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh; all markets in which PulteGroup currently operates.
In the appeals court ruling, it was pointed out that lawyers representing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had tried to argue that it was not a mandate that caused the family to lose contraceptive-free healthcare plans and to place the Wielands in a healthcare plan that includes coverage for contraceptives.
Mrs Wieland was gardening with her husband Michael at Neuadd Farm when the pair heard the aircraft fly overhead.
Wieland Electric (Ontario, Canada) has enhanced its non-contact magnetic safety switches with integrated LED technology, providing machine operators with an immediate indication of a safety door's interlock status to reduce the incidence of unscheduled equipment downtime.
The workers' compensation attorneys of Central Florida and Workers' Compensation Committee of the Orange County Bar Association have formed the Judge William Wieland American Inn of Court.
Wieland explores literary texts, clinical material, and undertakes an extensive psychoanalytical interpretation of Mein Kampf to examine the relationship between the dynamics of some forms of masculinity, and the state of mind that led to fascism in the social and political unrest that followed the first World War.
Director Achim Wieland will stage the performance [beaucoup moins que]Fear Industry[beaucoup plus grand que]in Cyprus as
German diplomat Wieland conducts a counterfactual exploration of Asad's roads-not-taken as a demonstration of lost opportunities to set Syria on a path of reform and greater international acceptance.
Martin Wieland on 'Dam structures on fault lines' at WAPDA House, Lahore.
Key to the company's regional growth has been its ability to deliver flexible security solutions for physical, virtual and cloud-based environments, said Sherif AbdElGawad, general manager MEA, and Wieland Alge, general manager EMEA, in an interview with TradeArabia.
Diversified technology company 3M (NYSE:MMM) said on Tuesday that it has entered into a licensing agreement with WIELAND Dental + Technik GmbH & Co for use of 3M's processed zirconia colouring technology.
At the event, Sherif AbdelElGawad, Barracuda Networks' General Manager Middle East and Africa, and Wieland Alge, Vice President and General Manager EMEA, will be available for comment on its strategy for the region, the IT security threat landscape and Barracuda Networks' product range.