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rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting call

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In the early morning hours of February 16, 2011, 10 juvenile whooping cranes (Grus americana) were loaded into wooden crates and onto a plane in Maryland.
Sixteen whooping cranes that hatched at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (Maryland) in the spring spent the summer training to follow behind ultralight aircraft.
And therein lies a big problem as well as the potential role of ultralight aircraft, because whooping cranes, unlike many small birds, need to be shown the way home.
DeNeal thought the birds in the images might be whooping cranes and traveled to the location, where she confirmed the identification.
Bringing Back the Whooping Crane (Animals Back from the Brink)
A pair of whooping cranes joined nine sandies in a field near Hampshire in late October.
(8) Samples have been collected from whooping cranes on the wintering grounds in the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas over the last several years and show changes during drought cycles.
Festival attendees will have the opportunity to take guided boat tours to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to view the world's last naturally-occurring population of Whooping Cranes on their wintering grounds.
New volumes in the Biodiversity of the World series to be published 2018 include: Cheetahs: Biology and Conservation, edited by Laurie Marker, Lorraine Boast and Anne Schmidt-Kuntzel; and Whooping Cranes: Biology and Conservation, edited by John French Jr, Sarah Converse and Jane Austin.
Based upon the true story of George Archibald and Tex, a rare whooping crane, "Dancing With Tex: The Remarkable Friendship To Save the Whooping Cranes" is the exciting environmental rescue story of an amazing rare whooping crane by student/scientist George Archibald, and a string of other involved, crane -loving humans.
Astoundingly, the sandhill cranes raised the whooping cranes as their own the young birds even followed the migration routes of their surrogate parents.
Stepping momentarily away from the clinical trials setting, a case study entitled, "The effects of anticoagulant choice and sample processing time on hematologic values of juvenile whooping cranes," from 20101 describes the collection of blood from these birds and the dependence of test results on a number of factors.
But if we stop trying, the chances are that pretty soon we'll end up with a world where there are no tigers or elephants, or sawfishes or whooping cranes, or albatrosses or ground iguanas.
Wood Buffalo National Park in northwestern Canada contains North America's largest wild bison population and a critical nesting habitat for whooping cranes. As luck would have it, it is also home to an exploratory diamond mine.