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the theory that the parts of any whole cannot exist and cannot be understood except in their relation to the whole

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I-AM-I is one of the pioneer institutions that focus on a natural, wholistic approach to addiction treatment.
No one seeing the bulletin board can miss the message that health is multi-dimensional and wholistic.
She said lawmakers should "take a wholistic and visionary approach on the issue.
Maleki was told of "the need for a wholistic strategy to defeat ISIL and enlisting the Sunnis into the fight.
He points out the misunderstandings that reductionism can generate and contrasts them to wholistic (Dr.
To do so, he examines the workings of nutrition from the cellular level to the wholistic level of the body.
Arif Jassim Sanad, Member of the board, told the agency that the Al Sanabel was the only society in Bahrain that took care of the wholistic need of the orphans.
Three paths are offered: Wholistic Movement and Meditation with Barbara Moeller, RYT-Explorations in Creative Expression and Artwith Marianne Hieb, RSM, MFA, D.
We are very proud of the children's scores in this year's CBSE results, but are prouder still of the fact that in Vasant Valley School, we follow the principle of wholistic development, both in letter and spirit.
A Wholistic Approach to Skin Health & Beauty;" "Innovative Cosmeceutical Technologies of Tomorrow;" "NutraCosmetics: New Approaches;" and "New Directions in Delivery Systems.
The 'Power & Soul' line of showers delivers a wholistic shower experience, the statement said.
The seminar started with Julie Doherty, naturopath, homeopath and massage therapist with 30 years experience, sharing her experiences of the wholistic effect of massage, particularly its aid with pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory.
They are voting over it, but these measures are already seen as not satisfactory and the wholistic structural solution is still far away," said Uchida.