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any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero

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She used the whole numbers as cues to locate the fraction quantity somewhere within the interval.
This progression mirrors the progression of student understanding in whole numbers, she said.
Modules in this program are: -- Whole Numbers & The Number Line -- Addition & Subtraction -- Multiplying Whole Numbers -- Dividing Whole Numbers -- Understanding Decimals -- Understanding Fractions -- Lines, Shapes, & Sizes -- Measurement -- Patterns & Graphs
6) suggest, "prior knowledge of whole numbers and fractions can both support and interfere with construction of a correct concept of decimals.
Whole numbers are in for the February Nielsen Media Research television ratings, showing that Little Rock's four networks are all special in their own way.
one fan marveled, referring to the famous claim by Pierre de Fermat--proved just months earlier--that for any exponent n bigger than 2, there are no nonzero whole numbers a, b, and c for which [a.
But some people are terrified by this change and haven't got to grips with the whole numbers gameawhich one is it for the cashpoint again?
After reviewing the arithmetic of whole numbers, this textbook introduces fractions, decimals, percents, and basic geometry, then explains the operations of functions, exponents, polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, factoring trinomials, and solving systems of equations.
For consistency in presentation, I've formatted the columns of data containing dollar values to currency with whole numbers and the columns containing percent values to percentages with two decimal places.
A study of the nation's report card, or National Assessment of Educational Progress, contends that math problems for fourth- and eighth-graders in 2003 were just too easy, in part because they only tested student skills using whole numbers , and not enough fractions and decimals.
Is it possible to multiply two whole numbers so that the answer is 13?
Because the numbers in that direction never become whole numbers, but repeat to infinity, they symbolise eternal destruction.
The three following chapters are case studies written by teachers on a unit on whole numbers and number sense in kindergarten, a first-grade unit on base-10 thinking for students who are all of Mexican descent, and a second-grade unit on whole-number operations and odd and even numbers.
Though we touched on some of the early whole numbers online just before our holiday break, there's plenty more to explore before the decimals arrive in time for next week's Outtakes.
Behr and Post (1988) indicated that children needed to be competent in the four operations of whole numbers, along with an understanding of measurement, for them to understand rational numbers.