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any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero

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Another way to find whole numbers for the areas of Triangle A and Triangle B is as follow.
There are various types of field sizes for whole numbers.
She used the whole numbers as cues to locate the fraction quantity somewhere within the interval.
believed that whole numbers, including fractions, since they are ratios of whole numbers, were the basis of the Universe.
Students construct these rules for themselves when they are trying to assimilate new knowledge about decimals with what they already know about whole numbers, place value and fractions.
The three following chapters are case studies written by teachers on a unit on whole numbers and number sense in kindergarten, a first-grade unit on base-10 thinking for students who are all of Mexican descent, and a second-grade unit on whole-number operations and odd and even numbers.
Teachers report that students are benefiting from the program and in particular building conceptual knowledge and procedural fluency in whole numbers.
Though we touched on some of the early whole numbers online just before our holiday break, there's plenty more to explore before the decimals arrive in time for next week's Outtakes.
After each roll, record the fractions and whole numbers on the paper.
Although prime numbers are scarce among the whole numbers, they are more plentiful in the narrower setting of the almost-primes.
Topics include: Transitioning from Whole Numbers to Decimals; Moving from Manipulatives to Algorithms; Raising Test Scores; Algebraic Thinking; Focus on Special Needs; and Problem Solving Strategies in Standards-based Learning.
Digi-Block for Intermediate and Middle Grades: Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals, 2002.
Bluestein said the math grading is very detailed now, with subareas on a student's sense of whole numbers, fractions, decimals and geometry.
Options include recognition of first and last names, first or last name only, nicknames, department names, extension numbers spoken as individual digits or as whole numbers.
6) suggest, "prior knowledge of whole numbers and fractions can both support and interfere with construction of a correct concept of decimals.