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a very bright star of large diameter and low density (relative to the Sun)


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The red panda, sometimes referred to as the lesser panda when compared to the black and white giant panda indigenous to south-central China, was last seen Monday afternoon at 5 p.
The others were a white Giant bike with blue stripes, and a grey and black ladies Carrera mountain bike.
We both looked over the bay across to Port Talbot where I grew up, to the iconic Meridian Quay tower, now a familiar white giant in Swansea Marina and to the green trees and white terraced houses of Uplands, Sketty and Townhill, framing the bay whose waters were now choppy with a strengthening breeze.
Red pandas are only distantly related to black and white giant pandas, and they spend a lot of their time scaling trees and rocks.
The 38-year-old, of Binley, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1997 and 2006, has already raised more than pounds 2,000 in sponsorship and has been scouring the internet to see if his pounds 500 blue and white Giant Terrago bike is up for sale.
swallowed up by that tall white giant, pale and terrifying in his enormity as I boldly pulled out my pony tail that first time .
Mad White Giant by Benedict Allen (Faber and Faber, 7.
The brightest cluster member is a white giant star of spectral class A6 that shines at magnitude 6.
Allen, too, begins Mad White Giant with a recollection of the importance that Amazonia had played in his childhood imagination (3).
And a bike was taken from outside a house in Eston, a men's grey and white Giant mountain bike was taken from the back garden of a house on Sandmoor Close, Eston, between noon and 4pm on Wednesday, December 23.
But I'm afraid the black and white giant has nodded off into a slumber again.
Thieves also stole a white Giant Advanced model road bike which is worth PS2,500.
They include a black 2010 Giant Anthem X3, a red 2010 Giant Anthem X1, a black Santa Cruz Heckler, an On-One Inbread, a Koga Carbolite, a Koga Signature Roadbike, a Koga Crosswinner, a small white Giant Anthem X4, an unbranded silver custom-made hardtail and a Trek 6300 MTB.
ANIMAL rescuers are looking for the owners of this giant fluffy bunny rabbit after he was found in a city park The grey and white Giant Lop-eared rabbit was spotted hopping about in Middlemore Park, West Heath.
Packaging: Bright white giant tub with fluorescent labelling - very psychedelic.