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a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and milk or cream

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the Slavic language spoken in Belarus

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The Wiltern Theater was decorated with inflatable bowling pins and the drink menu featured white Russians -- renamed Wiltern Caucasians, perhaps in political protest -- ''made with Ralphs half-and -half.
Grab a White Russian and celebrate your passion of The Dude with this hilarious documentary.
Awaiting the arrival of the American force, and spread thinly throughout northern Russia, were the British, Canadian, and French expeditionary detachments and their sometimes reluctant allies, the White Russians.
The Richmond's first wave of immigration occurred following Russia's Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and the end of World War I (1919), when White Russians and Eastern European Jews found their way here.
The Russian Revolution of 1917 and the ensuing civil war led many White Russians to seek refuge in Heilongjiang and among them were bandits.
This one is set in a monastery hospital and we watch it overrun back and forth by both Red and White Russians to the detriment of everyone.
Bridges stars as The Dude, a perpetually laid-back hippie who spends his days bowling and drinking White Russians, but who gets embroiled in a kidnapping plot after a case of mistaken identity.
Kahlua liqueur and coffee is a popular drink enjoyed by both men and women as their first drink of the night, and drinks such as Black and White Russians are big hits in bars and nightclubs.
A recent New York Post article suggested, "Move over Martinis -- White Russians are back.
Down the years we have had French Huguenots, Jews, White Russians, Poles, all fleeing some kind of persecution.
At this time, the Jews complained of anti-Semitic remarks by their fellow White Russians.
Their careers never quite intersected, although interestingly both were children of that post-Diaghilev Ballets Russes fallout, full of old ballets, older traditions, White Russians, and emigre Nansen passports.
The Foreign Office took care to point out that non-Soviet subjects (a category which probably included several thousand white Russians and other Tsarist emigres) should in no circumstances be sent back to the Soviet Union.
He's Jeff Lebowski, a sweet-tempered Seventies throwback whose life revolves around ten-pin bowling, White Russians and smoking dope.
success story told with startling Teutonic harshness, while his indescribable Le Drame de Shanghai (Shanghai drama, 1938) is the exile film to end all exile films, made on a Paris soundstage with a cast and crew of Austrians, Indochinese, and White Russians.