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a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows southeastward through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri

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Interested parties who would like more information on upcoming Toyota models can explore the White River Toyota website, www.
That's what we're working on in White River in quite a bit detail right now," said Butler.
Some of the particular strengths of the communications program at White River Valley are the inclusion of communications issues at the top level of the cooperative's strategic planning process; the development and implementation of an integrated marketing and communications plan; the embracing of new communications technologies such as social media and other electronic tools; and the use of a variety of survey and feedback tools to assess the effectiveness of the cooperatives member communication efforts.
The White River Hub, a joint venture between Questar (the hub operator) and Enterprise, consists of four miles of existing 36-inch diameter pipe and about seven miles of new, 30-inch diameter pipe, plus tie-in and metering facilities.
Of all the darter species sampled during this study, the Bluebreast Darter was known historically in Indiana from the most watersheds, including several if not most of the larger tributaries of the upper and middle Wabash River and parts of the East Fork White River, West Fork White River, Patoka River, and Blue River drainages (Fig.
White River State Park is home to several exciting venues and is just steps away from the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome and many downtown hotels.
The Northwest's newest summer concert venue, the White River Amphitheatre at the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation near Auburn, Wash.
While on a boating trip on Indianapolis, Indiana's White River, two couples and an infant hit an obstruction that damaged the propeller of their boat so extensively that it Could not develop sufficient thrust to keep out of the strong current leading to the spillway.
About 1,200 years ago, a lahar that spilled down valleys on the northeastern slopes of the volcano filled both forks of the White River with 20 to 30 m of debris.
Nowhere is this brewing recreational fight more obvious than in Colorado's White River National Forest, a 2.
If you want to see the Big Woods as Faulkner or, better yet, as the Choctaw Indians knew these massive cathedral forests, the best place--actually the only place on a massive scale--is along the lower White River and Cache River in eastern Arkansas.
An emergency environmental injunction against ski developer Vail Associates' proposed mad through prime lynx habitat in Colorado's White River National Forest has been denied (see "Troubled Homecoming," cover story, March/April 1998).
of White River Junction, VT, is considering a plan to build a new brewery in Windsor, VT's industrial park that would meet increasing demand for its line of English-style beers.
The Highway 123 closure won't affect the White River entrance to the park, but the popular Ohanapecosh campground and trails will have to be reached from the south.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Parthenon Capital Partners, a Boston and San Francisco based private equity firm ("Parthenon"), and White River Capital, Inc.
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