great white shark

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large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas

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The home is centrally situated on the mountain side and is six minutes walking to the dock where White Pointer 2 is located and 20 minutes walking to the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach.
Del had a liver and white pointer named Cindy and, a few years later, a diminutive English setter named Goldie.
Local men and women flocked to the beach near Albany to try and help wildlife officials but there was little they could do because of the whales' weight and danger from predators like white pointer sharks.
My guide introduced me to Bo, a white pointer that didn't have much fieldtrial style.
In Western Australia, swimmers fled the water when a large white pointer was spotted near a crowded beach south of Perth.
Sam, the big black and white pointer, the top dog in his kennel, could usually hold his own in the fastest company.
The white pointer is a protected species under Australian law - but the state government in Perth ordered the latest predator to be hunted down and shot.
They need to release a whole bunch of more white pointers and tiger sharks.
He added: 'I've never heard of two white pointers attacking a human this way.
White Pointers built huge, if garish, houses, began driving expensive suburban utility vehicles and sending their children to the United States and Europe on vacation.
Great whites, also known as white pointers, like to feed on seals, sea lions and dolphins as well as large fish and turtles.
They are also known as White Pointers, Blue Pointers and Man-eaters.