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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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By disclosing information about such misdeeds, whistleblowers have helped save countless lives and billions of dollars in public funds, while preventing emerging scandals and disasters from worsening.
Iowa), chairman of the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus, would make it crystal-clear that all funds collected by the IRS as a result of a whistleblowers efforts would be available to be shared with that person as a reward.
Actions by IRS whistleblowers have helped to recover tax money that otherwise would have been lost to fraud, according to Senator Charles Grassley (R.
In October, Pistaljka hosted "For Every Truth There Is a Source," its first international conference on protecting whistleblowers and journalistic sources.
The program has now awarded more than $130 million to whistleblowers who voluntarily provided the SEC with unique and useful information that led to a successful enforcement action.
The Wells Fargo case is a cautionary tale of what happens when you don't have corporate whistleblowers speaking up," Thomas said.
16) The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed, deferring to the SEC's broader definition of whistleblower, which encompasses internal whistleblowers.
The law is a positive step indeed as it offers legal protection to an individual, because so far the government has proved unwilling to protect whistleblowers even in the public sector which it controls.
The importance of whistleblowers in the detection of wrongdoing cannot be denied.
Under the DoddFrank Act, there also are bounties payable to whistleblowers who provide the U.
28) Dodd-Frank also created a bounty program, (29) which recently resulted in an over $30 million reward, that provides a monetary incentive for whistleblowers who report directly to the SEC.
THE outgoing boss of Wirral council is being pressured by Birkenhead MP Frank Field to settle a long-running case with a group of whistleblowers.
THERE IS A renewed effort to clarify the protections given to corporate whistleblowers by the Government Accountability Project and the law firm Labaton Sucharow.
In the Public Interest takes a look at both the benefits of whistleblowing, and the suffering and persecution whistleblowers are often subjected to.