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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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In July, 2011, he exposed the corporate problem by highlighting a whistle blower suit charging that construction equipment giant Caterpillar Inc.
By contrast, blue-collar whistle blowers who report dangerous or unhealthy working conditions and practices on the factory floor often just get a hard time, though their concerns are no less important.
I expect that whistle blowers will play a similar role under the new regime with potentially devastating consequences.
For example, if the whistle blowers expose some wrongdoing in the government or mismanagement, they are given a certain percentage as a reward.
In the long term, that may or may not discourage other whistle blowers and weaken the FCA.
Then we apply our analysis to the alleged ethical cleansing provided by the whistle blower, exploring that often courageous and praiseworthy exemplar's limited effectiveness as a stimulus for improved business ethics.
Ashcraft & Gerel has represented federal whistle blowers (Qui Tam) in cases that have led to the recovery of many millions of dollars from federal contractors who were overcharging, cheating, defrauding or otherwise obtaining federal funds by wrongful conduct.
Now the Financial Services Authority wants us all to become potential whistle blowers, with such a developed sense of awareness of our responsibility to society that if we see wrongdoing at work we report it.
To be sure, the protections for teachers do have some positive aspects, notably protection for whistle blowers.
Given that whistle blowers proved instrumental in uncovering fraud in recent high-profile cases and that such a policy is one of the easiest elements of a corporate governance program to put in place, it's surprising more companies haven't done so," says Gauen.
Longtime students of bureaucracy can recognize in Bartley's plight the classic reaction of management to whistle blowers.
The whistle blowers, depositions, and evidence will paint an alarming portrait of what many Americans suspect about how managed care really works.