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Synonyms for whispering

a light noise, like the noise of silk clothing or leaves blowing in the wind

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speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords

making a low continuous indistinct sound

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He whisperingly recalled De Profundis - Psalm 130, and his right hand clenched the wooden cross he wore as part of the Friar Tuck costume.
His Aunt Blanche (Christine Taylor) has - said whisperingly - asthma.
Adopting a husky but viscous voice that blends smoke, oil and treacle in its tones, Day-Lewis delivers the performance of his career, at one moment as whisperingly seductive as a serpent, at others bellowing with a rage against all humanity.
Despite his ignorance, Clare does offer a description of the black ants, but his description bespeaks a kind of epistemological humility that is conspicuously absent from the writings of Harald and William: "'Surely they speak a language whisperingly,/ Too fine for us to hear'" (121).
and a globe so big one can enter it and comment whisperingly on the
Weighty steering, excellent handling and a powerful engine (which feels even faster in the sport mode) make it a fun and fulfilling car to drive and it is whisperingly quiet on longer motorway journeys.
Though she hushes her tone--"I write whisperingly, among / These woods the very flowers are Tory" (ll.
Both poet and poem-to-be, caught up in process itself rather than in pursuit of an end, come whisperingly alive: as the poem puts it, "the leaning out itself a kind of whispering.