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a city in the northern panhandle of West Virginia on the Ohio river

propelling something on wheels


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Hopeful Housing Corporation announced a plan to rehabilitate and revitalize a one-block area on 14th Street from Jacob to Wood Street in East Wheeling known as the "Old 14th Street Project.
PMI has dedicated $100,000 and Fannie Mae has contributed $25,000 to establish a revolving fund for the rehabilitation program in the East Wheeling area.
SeeBeyond (Nasdaq:SBYN), the leading global provider of eBusiness and Application Integration (eAI) solutions, today announced that Wheeling Hospital, the oldest hospital in West Virginia, has successfully upgraded from Datagate to SeeBeyond's most current platform, e*Gate(TM) Integrator.
Even though the SeeBeyond Datagate product was efficient and stable, Wheeling upgraded to the e*Gate platform to incorporate a new skill set into the Wheeling environment and to leverage the additional functionality found in the e*Gate solution.
Importantly, the Appellate Court had also ruled that nothing in state law supported the trial court's conclusion that system-wide costs could not be included when calculating a wheeling rate.
Water wheeling will allow other agencies to move water purchased elsewhere through Metropolitan's regional delivery system.